Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Know It Was A Great Fest When....

You're still sick 2 days later!    In all seriousness, I was slayed by some serious strain of stomach flu, so all our fabulous photos, reviews, updates and recaps of North Coast will have to wait.   I've been rockin' the ginger ale since Sunday night and still can't even keep down a cracker.    This one I can chalk up to viral back to school blues instead of rock n roll lifestyle.    My 8 year old had it 2 weeks ago and my son had it last Thursday, so sometimes it's inevitable when you're nursing a couple sick kidlets 24/7.    

Good news is, the big nasty flu didn't hit till NCMF was ending.   Woo Hoo!   So for the next couple days I'm only posting what's super timely or earth shakingly necessary.    Check back in soon.

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