Saturday, September 3, 2011

North Coast Off To A Great Start

Check out ChiIL Mama's photos from Friday NCMF 2011. Dbl click for full screen and more options.

There'll be no coasting into the holiday weekend.    North Coast Music Fest was out of the starting gate with a blast yesterday.    In the evening we bounced around between Lotus and Ghosthouse and later checked out some of all of the headliners, David Guetta,Wiz Khalifa and Midnight Conspiracy who were tearing it up on the Magic Hat local stage with some sweet pyrotechnics!

We had the connects to catch up with NCMfest organizer and Van Ghost frontman, Michael Harrison Berg.   But we decided to wait for a less noisy environment and catch him with our full audio and pro cameras instead of a fest quickie.   He's local, so we're hoping to wait for a less chaotic time and hook up with the whole band for a little music and more of a full interview.   

Instead, we hung out all night with Larry, Michael Berg's upstairs neighbor, and one of our good friends for decades. 

It was also great to see Interactive Amy.   You rock the press world and the blogosphere!

We also saw our long time friend, and dad to 3 boys, Dan O., from Spin Magazine.   Dug's known him since high school!   

He's easy to find with his distinctive stash and his legendary OOAK spray paint fest t's.    

Sagezilla scored one from him at Lolla this year and when she wore her Dan O. tee from Lolla 2009 to one day this year, other members of the press stopped her and said, "Hey, I'd recognize that shirt anywhere.   You must know Dan!"    Of course Dan knows everyone in the music industry and press in Chi-Town and beyond.

We also had our first "Shreddy Shirt Boy" sighting.   He was ducking between the cooling busses in the mass exodus at the end of the night.   We'll be on the lookout.    Remember, you can play along with Spot Shreddy Shirt Boy, Chi-Town's rock fest version of Where's Waldo and win some great DVDs.    Chicago's got character and characters!

Play along with Chi-Town's own rock fest where's Waldo game, Spot Shreddy Shirt Boy.   Click HERE for all the game details.   We've recently spotted Shreddy Shirt Boy at Lollapalooza, The Folk and Roots Fest and Summer Camp Music Festival.   How 'bout you?   Send us your phone videos or stills of your Shreddy Shirt Boy spotting and be entered to win your own copy of the following DVDs:   The Jesus Lizard Club, Live From Tokyo (a documentary about Underground Music), and Iggy and The Stooges "Raw Power Live".

You rock North Coast!    ChiIL Mama highly recommends you for your sweet line up and your family friendly policies. 

chiIL Mama  

Because Life Doesn't End With Birth!

  • Come early today and check out our friends at Intonation Music Workshop at noon on Magic Hat Stage and RUBBLEBUCKET at 1:30 on The Named After Groupon Stage.   Check out ChiIL Mama's prior Rubblebucket coverage here.   We're also stoked to check out Lettuce, Fatboy Slim and STS9.
Tickets are officially sold out for Saturday and Sunday.   If you're one of the lucky ones with a ticket in hand, here's your line up:

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