Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Wine Tonight for Ladies' Night at Collaboraction's Be A Good Little Widow

Tonight's the night, so stop whinin' and start winein' and dining.   It's ladies' night!

Ladies' Night at Be a Good Little Widow
Every Thursday Performance
Every lady who purchases a ticket for a Thursday performance will receive a complimentary glass of wine. 
(*Just try to hold your liquor better than the "good little widow".    At least keep your little black dress on and try not to seduce your dead husband's least till you get home.)
Pizza Fridays sponsored by TOCCO at 7:30pm
TOCCO is generously sponsoring every Friday Night performance of Be a Good Little Widow with complimentary pizza!  

ChiIL Mama checked out opening night and thoroughly enjoyed Be A Good Little Widow.    It hit close to home, as my husband frequently travels for business and at the time I saw the show he was in Uruguay, with 11 hours of air travel on several planes, looming.   We'll have a full review up before the weekend.    

We doubt you'll need it, but if you're hesitating, Collaboraction has a money back guarantee on tickets, this weekend only.   This one's definitely not for the littles, but it makes for a great parents' night out.   Check out Collaboraction's website for details.

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