Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcoming April Features-Concert Footage and/or Video Interviews With Keller Williams, Dan Zanes, A Barrel Of Monkeys & Rockin' Kids

photos by ChiIL Mama 2011

We'll be posting an original ChiIL Mama interview and live show footage from one of our favorite musicians, Keller Williams, who has now ventured into the world of kindie music with the aptly named CD, Kids.   He's been a featured artist on our Win A Disc Wednesdays and Free Ticket Tuesdays.   

We've given away Keller concert tixs, a number of his CDs, and even his new kids book/CD combo, Because I Said So.    Now you can check out live video from his show at Park West in Chicago and our post show interview.   We'll have some live Keller in April and much more to come.

We've also got live performance vids from another favorite of ours, Dan Zanes.   And once were done with a few of the gems in the kindie crown--adults playing fun, funky music for kids...we're going to introduce you to 4 bands where the musicians ARE kids.

photos by ChiIL Mama 2011

ChiIL Mama has original interviews with the kids in Purple Apple, The Blisters, When Flying Feels Like Falling and The Socialists, and live footage from all of their shows.

photos by ChiIL Mama 2011

We also have show photos and a video interview with 4 members of A Barrel of Monkeys ensemble, who perform That's Weird Grandma, every Monday night at 8:00pm. Their 10 year anniversary is imminent and they've got some great celebrations planned.  We'll let you in on all the upcoming fun, and the ideas bumping around in the dark recesses of their brains, right here.

photos by ChiIL Mama 2011

photos by ChiIL Mama 2011

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