Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Ticket Tuesday Winners For The Boogers at Beat Kitchen

The Boogers play straight up punk for the punk kin.   These Chicago dads rock harder than the rest.   If you like to pogo and rock out old school, Ramones style, then check out The Boogers live this Sunday at noon at Beat Kitchen.   Kiddie mosh pit encouraged.

Here are two of our Boogers videos to whet your appetite.  Check out ChiIL Mama's YouTube Channel (direct link is in the bar at the bottom of this post) for loads more Boogers concert footage (8 songs) and our video interview with the band.

Our family 4 pack ticket winner is Marla E.    Congrats!   Your name will be on the guest list.   Please let us know ASAP if you can no longer make it and we'll choose an alternate winner.  

****Remember to check out ChiIL Mama's great weekly give aways.   Everything for April is listed HERE.   We have Kanani, The American Girl doll of the year from Hawaii, 3 DVDs for the grownups, 6 kindie CDs, NeverWorld-A Peter Pan sequel chapter book for the whole family, Chicago show tickets and more! 

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