Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Breakin' Thursday Fun

Got a chance to duck out tonight?   It's going to be a busy weekend with Earthday and Easter.   If all the coming eeeees leave you needing an enjoyable pre-weekend evening, check out the details below and have some fun.

Please join us on Thursday, April 21 at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema for a special screening of NEW GARAGE EXPLOSION!!: IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES. Admisson is complimentary, but please arrive early as seating is first come, first served.

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
2828 N. Clark Street, Century Shopping Centre
Chicago, IL 60657

Ticketing Starts at 6:00pm
Screening from 7:00 — 9:00pm

Please note that this invitation is not a guarantee of admission as seating is limited by capacity. No RSVP is required as seating is first come, first served.

Reputable purveyors of compelling niche music, Scion A/V has made it's first foray into feature-length cinema with NEW GARAGE EXPLOSION!!: IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES, a gritty cross section of one of rock's most exciting subgenres—garage. After a brief nod to garage's humble beginnings amongst American youth in Detroit during the 1960s and its contribution and influence on '80s punk, the documentary focuses on the scintillating present. As it pans trans-nationally, the camera profiles artists like the late Jay Reatard, Black Lips, The Dirtbombs, Thee Oh Sees, Smith Westerns, Vivian Girls and many more in an attempt to understand not only the exponential ascent of garage rock's popularity but the reason these people feel so passionately about it. A wide-eyed glimpse into a musical movement, NEW GARAGE EXPLOSION!!: IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES is as much about the music as it is about the people contributing to the distinct scenes of the San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit, New York, Memphis, Atlanta and Portland garage communities.

VBS directors Joseph Patel and Aaron Brown worked with producer/journalist Mike McGonigal to offer a particularly in depth examination of a multi-dimensional and often misunderstood slice of popular culture unfolding in front of us. NEW GARAGE EXPLOSION!!: IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES is a candid snapshot of this magically vibrant moment in rock history, inspirational and brimming with DIY purity.

Madness in Miniature: An Hour of Cabaret, Puppetry, and Intrigue
Check out ChiIL Mama's review HERE.
Set in the opulent lower lounge of The Chopin Theater, this unique revue showcases Meredith Miller’s signature style of performance: drawing upon traditions of cabaret, puppetry, and burlesque, she brings to life hand-crafted props, puppets, and costumes to create an intimate, macabre, and darkly comical world of illusion, love, and loss.
April’s line-up showcases master story-teller Jason Adams performing astonishing feats of toy-theater—bringing to life magical worlds that emerge from a suitcase—and Emmy Bean with her gorgeous voice, tiny ukelele, and deep, dark secret!
Tying all this madness together is musical guest Nick Sula on the grand piano, playing live accompaniment and performing ragtime and jazz standards!
Click HERE for tickets!

Prichard at Quenchers- (9:00 tonight) 21+, $5 donation 

Dorian Taj (IL)

Slow Witch (IL)

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