Monday, April 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday--Punk Kin Easter

Mellow Yellow Easter--We had a great, mellow Easter with family.   The Easter Bunny came in the morning and hid a bunch of eggs.    He's got a good sense of humor.   The kids cracked up to find eggs in creative places, like under the invisibility cloak in their Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts.

It's been a fun psychology study to see the kids' letters to mythical, magical creatures evolve as they age.   Now at 7 & 10 their questions to Santa, the Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny are really funny and fascinating.   They left him a plate of baby carrots with sparkly gel frosting and a cup of carrot juice.

The bunny wrote back and answered all their questions.   Our Easter Bunny's name is E.B.-Eggbert Bunnikins.    He could deliver carrots instead, but kids get disappointed.   Why doesn't a chick deliver the eggs?   Chicks are anarchists at heart--"egging" each other on and "laying" around, so if you want the job done right, you need a rabbit.

I'm happy they're not too old to love dying eggs.    Du-Jay made a hilarious yellow story egg depicting the Easter Bunny getting seen.

The kids found their baskets and loved their new DS games, candy and Cozy Hugs-real lavender stuffed pets you can heat up for aromatherapy/ a warm snuggle.    Sagezilla named her new friend Porkchop, AKA:   Piggy.    Du-Jay's lion is Lionel.

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