Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Schubas Tonight--Purple Apple, The Blisters and When Flying Feels Like Falling

Don't underestimate these kids because of their age.   These bands rock!   Come check out some of the youngest musicians in the city actually getting gigs in real clubs, outside of organizations like Girls Rock Chicago and School of Rock.

We saw Purple Apple at Redmoon's JOE fest last year and were blown away.   We also remember The Blisters from way back in the day when they played Kidzapalooza 2006.   They were still young children themselves and they happily signed t-shirts for Du-Jay and Sagezilla, who were 3 & 5 at the time!

I've never seen WFFLF, but I first met Violet (guitars/vocals) when she was a toddler-no older than 3.   Even then she was unique and stood out from the others.  Can't wait to hear them all play!

ChiIL Mama gave away a pair of tickets earlier in the week and we'll be there to interview some of the band members and bring you a taste of their live tunes.    We'll run a full feature on the bands in the near future.    For now, come check 'em out LIVE at Schubas tonight.    All ages.    Show is 7pm-10pm.   Here's what the Schubas site has to say:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 7:00 PM

AMPLIFY New Music Series presents...
01-19-2011 Purple Apple
Chicago-based indie pop quartet Purple Apple is made up of three 13-year-old girls and their 20 something babysitter on drums... yes, seriously. Though young by any stretch of the imagination, the three 8th grade schoolmates at the core of the band - Olivia, Madi and Nonie - are wise beyond their years and nowhere does this show more than in their songwriting. While most of us were playing tag and trying out for the junior high cheerleading team, these girls spend their free time writing songs which fantastically capture the complex and sophisitcated world around us through eyes not yet tarnished by the cynicism of adulthood.
These truly gifted young ladies might have gone unnoticed had frontwoman Olivia not asked longtime family friends (and music industry veterans) Michael Wilison and Blake Smith (Caviar, Prairie Cartel) if she could record one of her songs at their home studio. In only a couple of hours, Olivia cut the guitar and vocals for the first song she ever wrote with her Purple Apple sisters, "Life As It Is," and from that afternoon it was clear that there was something special going on. Over the summer of 2009, Purple Apple retreated to Olivia's family's lake house and in between water skiing and Wiffle Ball games, they recorded seven songs in a make-shift studio with Wilison & Smith producing.

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  1. Chiil Momma you rock! Nice meeting you last night. Hope your kids enjoyed the show too. Looking forward to seeing your footage.