Thursday, January 20, 2011

Punk Parent Roll Call--Brett Neveu

Odradek Press Photos
Credit: Michael Brosilow
Boy-Joey Steakley 

At ChiIL Mama, we explore how creatives parents and how parents create. Check out the multifaceted mind of punk parent, Brett Neveu.   You can meet his punk rocker persona with The Noses this Saturday at The Beat Kitchen--enter HERE through Friday noon to win a pair of free (adult) tixs.   

You can explore the complexities of two very different sets of father-son relationships in his writing, presently playing out on the stage in a dark, twisted incarnation at The House Theatre's Odradek, and Brett's other world-premiere, opening January 25th, Do The Hustle at Writers' Theatre ( in Glencoe: 325 Tudor Court).

Here's the buzz about Odradek.   You can check out ChiIL Mama's full review HERE.

"A decidedly macabre, expressionistic horror fantasy
"--New City News

"Striking, intense and visually impressive"--Chicago Tribune
"Makes Black Swan look like a picnic"--Chicago Sun times

"With a haunting, anguished score for double bass...Collette Pollard worked a spatial miracle with her extraordinary architectural set"--Chicago Sun Times

"Ingenious stagecraft"--New City News

"Very fine acting"--Chicago Tribune
“The chemistry between Parkes and Defrin is palpable”--Chicago Sun Times
"An imaginative piece of sinister theatre. It is unlike anything you’ve seen on stage. Don't Miss It"

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