Monday, January 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday--Brownies and Canines and Wolves....Oh My

Du-Jay and Sagezilla getting their hat and program signed by Chicago Wolves Center and Breakaway Magazine cover model, Jamie Hunt.

We went to our very first Chicago Wolves hockey game on January 8th, and had a great time!   We'll have a big, photo filled slide show and recap up this week.   In the mean time, here's a little taste of the evening (all featuring at least a little yellow) for Mellow Yellow Monday.

It was adopt a dog night, and nearly all of the homeless shelter pups went home from the wolves game with new, loving families.   If we didn't already have 3 dogs, I would have been seriously tempted.

The Girl Scout cookie selling kick off rally also happened at Allstate Arena earlier that day, so the stands were packed with Brownies and Girl Scouts.   The audience was a sea of brown and green, interspersed with the yellow of giant Wolf claws.

The kids loved the fast paced play, and especially dug the indoor fireworks and laser light show that got the game off with a bang.    

We had a meet n greet cookie party with management after the 2nd period.    The kids were more interested in the giant wolf cookies.

We ultimately lost to The Bulldogs from Canada, but the game was action packed and fun anyway.    We'd absolutely go back again, and recommend it to any hockey lovin' Chicago area families.    Now that the Blackhawks are constantly sold out, The Chicago Wolves are one of the best hockey entertainment values around.

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  1. Yay Bulldogs!
    Well, I've gotta say that, I'm Canadian.
    But yay for you and the kids and some super shots - on and off the ice!! Great for Mellow Yellow Monday.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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