Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Win A Wii Disc Wednesday: NHL Slapshot Game and Luc Robitaille Signed Stick

All photos by ChiIL Mama--Blackhawks Training Camp Festival 2010

We love hockey as much as we love great music and books. So, this week we're taking a little detour and offering something special for Win A Disc Wednesday....A Wii NHL Slapshot game by EA Sports

This contest will run 2 weeks instead of 1 and we'll be giving away a Wii NHL Slapshot game ($59.99) and stick signed by hockey great, Luc Robitaille, (priceless) on ChiIL Mama and one on ChiIL Out with Chicago Parent!   Enter at the bottom of this post to win.

We've only had a chance to check out the basics, so we'll be posting lots more details about game play and game action photos in the weeks to come.

Early reports are favorable.   The kids said it's lots of fun.   Instead of just seeing the Chicago Blackhawks, they get to BE The Blackhawks!   The kids spent a few fun family hours challenging their Dad.   The game play is easy to pick up, so friends and family who aren't avid gamers can jump right in on 4 mini games.   Pick from shooter vs. goalie, 2 vs. 2, classic shoot out, or free for all.

NHL Slapshot can be played with just the Wii remote and Nunchuk, but my game testers tried both and thought playing with the sticks was much better.   

You can shoot, pass, and check, all while embodying your favorite players.    Even if you're barefoot in the family room, you control all the cold steel on ice action as your movements are recreated.   Exercise your mind and body, as you create plays or smash your opponents into the boards. 

There are 4 basic modes for game play.   You can start as a pee wee player and work your way up to the NHL.

You can play a whole season as your favorite team. 

Or, if you want instant gratification, you can skip right to 
The Stanley Cup Final, without losing any teeth.   Then there's always the 4 mini games we mentioned before.

You can custom design your own original player or be the athletes you wish you were, like Tazer, Sharpie, Duncan Teeth or Kaner.   

You can even choose jersey #99 and be Wayne Gretzky in any mode.   Hockey greats transcend team loyalty.   Who wouldn't wanna be Wayne Gretzky?!   He still holds a place of honor in fans hearts and on the front of the NHL Slapshots box.

Speaking of hockey greats, two weeks from today you could be playing your own NHL Slapshots game with a rockin' stick signed by Canadian super star,  Luc Robitaille himself!   How cool is that.

Enter here through midnight on Tuesday 11/23.  Winner announced Wednesday, 11/24.   One entry per family.   Winners chosen by number generator.   Prizes will be sent by EA Sports and can be mailed anywhere.
To qualify:

1.   follow ChiILMama on Twitter or Networked blogs and/or "like" on Facebook
2.   enter below

Good luck!

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