Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bookamania 2010--Bookalicious Fun For All

We had a book-lovin' blast at Chicago's annual big book bash, Bookamania!   We especially liked the book characters come to life and thought it was very cool Bookamania had a darker skinned Pippi and Hispanic looking Wizard of Oz Dorothy.   

We had a great time with all the creative book related craft projects, too.   All kids who completed 7 activities got to choose a free book.   Du-Jay chose The Order of Odd Fish by Chicagoan James Kennedy.   Sagezilla chose The Eagle and the Rainbow--Timeless Tales from Mexico by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal.

We also bought Where The Mountain Meets The Moona Newberry Honor book, by author and illustrator Grace Lin.   The kids got their copy signed by Grace who personalized it with both of their names and wrote, "May all your moons be full of happiness."   At Grace's book station, the kids also enjoyed making rabbit lanterns with a chop stick hanger and glow stick inside, for light.

Grace's sister, Beatrice, lives in Chicago and let us know that she'll be doing a book reading for home schoolers and anyone else who wants to come.  (Buy your books now and bring them to have her autograph!)

When: Monday Nov 22
Time: 1-3 pm
Where: Blackstone Library auditorium

Grace Lin is the  author/illustrator of numerous children's books such as Dim Sum for Everyone, Seven Chinese Sisters, The Year of the Dog, and Newberry Honor winning Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  

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  1. Hi ChiIL Mama, Pippi Longstocking here! (my real name is Diana LOL) Just wanted to tell you thanks for posting the pics. I was sooo busy that I didn't get to take any. I work with the Jumpstart program from DePaul University and I would really love to forward these to the rest of the team. I just wanted to check with you and make sure it's cool. Thanks again and I am SOOOOOO glad you enjoyed Bookamania! God bless during this holiday season!