Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Danbert Nobacon-The Devil's Ball-Martyr's Chicago

Here's Danbert Nobacon live at Martyr's in Chicago in October.   Remember Win A Disc Wednesday is tomorrow!   Enter HERE through midnight tonight to win both the anarchist fairy tale, 3 Dead Princes and the CD, Woebegon.  

We've been reading 3 Dead Princes as a family and Sagezilla is enamoured with Princess Alexandra Stormybald Wilson or "Stormy".   She said, "I don't usually like princessy stuff, but she's like me.   She's snarky, she has brown hair, she's mighty, and she was born during a big storm, just like me!"

The night of Sagezilla's home birth, the doctor and midwife almost didn't make it into the city because there were tornadoes in the burbs, high winds, and torrential downpours that took out all the traffic lights and caused deep standing water on the roads!    I remember standing at the door watching the lightening rip across the sky between contractions.    The rain was literally coming down horizontally.  

Alex Cox's illustrations of Stormy may resemble Danbert Nobacon's 10 year old, Stella, but her spirit and her stormy birth are equal parts Sage.   I think the 3 S girls-Stella, Stormy and Sage would get along great.    If you're raising a little anti-princess (or wish you were), then this is the fairy tale for you.

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