Thursday, November 18, 2010

Win 5 Hardback Books Wednesday: Picture Window Children's Books

Book 2--The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green by Angelique Johnson. Illustrated by Kyle Poling.

We know reading rocks!   So we're offering 5 lucky winners great hardback children's books from Picture Window Books, a capstone imprint.   ChiIL Mama will be reviewing a book a day, on the 5 weekdays that "bookend" Chicago's Bookamania at Harold Washington Library this Saturday,
ending with 5 big winners on Wednesday, November 24th.  Enter here today to win books 1 & 2, and check back daily for a new review.

Click HERE to read our review and enter to win Book 1--In One Ear and Out The Other.

Book 2--The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green

Here at ChiIL Mama, we're completely committed to green living.   We've been interviewing bands and asking them all how they make the world a greener place.   At this point we have green living quotes from Grammy nominees Lollapalooza Co-Producer Tor Hyams HERE and musicians, Recess Monkey HERE.  We also have green interviews with Kindie Musicians Candy Band coming soon and Tim and The Space Cadets HERE.   We even have green quotes from Danbert Nobacon, former lead singer for Chumbawamba, who is now a published author and still releasing CDs as well.   His exclusive interview with ChiIL Mama is HERE.

We recycle, compost, have a rain barrel, and have reusable lunch containers.   We believe, though, that the best way to save our planet is to educate our children.   If they learn how to responsible stewards of space ship earth when they're young, they'll continue to care for and about the earth when they're grown.

Angelique Johnson's new 2011 release, The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green, can send you on your way to a greener future.  This fact filled book breaks down eco-friendly living into user friendly little speech bubbles.   Good habits are prefaced with the tag Way to go!   Places for improvement begin Oh, no!   This light hearted approach gives kids useful steps for living what they learn.   Green living gets a lot of lip service these days, but this eco-friendly series by Picture Window Books gives kids practical actions to take, to make the world a greener place.

Click HERE to see sample pages from the Google Books site.

Do you want to win your own copy of The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green ($25.99)?  Leave a comment below, telling us how your family is making the world a greener place, and include your first name and e-mail.   Then follow ChiIL Mama on Twitter or Networked blogs, or subscribe via RSS.  Good luck!

For more details on the whole Tips For Green Living series of 4 books, click HERE.



  1. We grow our own vegetables and buy local whenever we can.

    kelli at pfrog dot net

  2. I follow you on twitter (@justicecw) and we are going green by planting and eating our own vegetables and recycling. Thanks for the chance, Christine

  3. We grow our own vegetables, compost, make our own soap and shampoo, walk most places, cloth diaper, breastfeed, make most of our food instead of going out or buying processed, don't eat meat.

  4. Hello again you! Yep, we grow our own veggies n fruit, skip the meat, do worm bins & rainbarrels, use mainly secondhand clothes, toys & household stuff, build with salvaged materials, only heat the rooms of the house we're in, do lots of other stuff & teach workshops about it. The main thing is we try not to just make what we do more conscious, but change the foundational choices we make around what's environmentally sustainable. Also key is to keep a sense of humor and try to make it fun. Who needs a grouchy zealot? (Course I'm often grouchy, and kiddo is a zealot, but never both at once...)

  5. My hubby bikes to work even during the winter, we compost, have our own veggie garden, our 2 youngest wear cloth diapers, and we have a rain barrel.
    Nicole-Twitter follower at nmfoster1 email is gnfoster at gmail dot com