Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Win A Disc (and a book!) Wednesday: Woebegone and 3 Dead Princes--And The Winner Is...

 Meg M. and her son, Nemo, who like to rock out to Marc Bolan Children of the Revolution OR GnR Knockin on Heaven's Door, are our big Danbert Nobacon winners today.   We'll be giving away two more sets of Woebegone AND 3 Dead Princes in the near future, so don't despair if this wasn't your week.   Big congrats to Meg!    For ordering information, and more great titles, check out Exterminating Angel Press
"Creative Solutions For Practical Idealists" and Verbal Burlesque Records.


  1. Woo hoo!!! Bonnie, I've been jonesing for this book ever since your great description of it at CircEsteem. Can't wait to climb into it with Nemo (as soon as we finish John Flanagan's latest Ranger's Apprentice installment). Gotta love books that are as good for the parent reading as they are for the kid listening. Happy!

  2. Oh yes, and don't let me slight the excellent disc. We've been bickering lately over what to listen to, and just this evening I had to threaten Nemo with grounding for dissing David Bowie. (I mean, he's free to dislike the music, but he's gotta show some respect for the elders.) So yay for new tunes we can both step up to. Thanks!