Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fair Play At The Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Today is the last day for the 2010 Chicago Toy and Game Fair.   

Most toy fairs are for retailers, but this one is open to EVERYONE.   Kids are welcome and vendors have come in from all over the place to bring you unique games and toys, including many that haven't hit the shelves yet.   We met some great people who flew in from California, Texas, Florida and even Canada, to share their fun and games.   

During December, ChiIL Mama will be featuring many of these fun gift ideas and running loads of give aways.   Check back with us often in the coming weeks.

While the littles are busy playing with all the hands on merch at CTAG, you can do a stealth stock up for the holidays.   Yes--games and toys are actually for sale here, too.   Check out this massive, exhibit hall sized, one stop shop full of educational toys and fun finds.

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