Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: ChiILin' Downtown Chicago on a Wednesday Night

Last Wednesday, we had the amazing opportunity to attend a reading by author, Cornelia Funke.   We'll have a full review of her latest release, Reckless, and a photo filled recap of the reading in the near future.   

We even have a new Adam Watts CD, Murder Yesterday, featuring the song, Reckless.   We'll be giving it away to a lucky winner, on Win A Disc Wednesday, a few weeks from now.   He played live for the readings, since the song was inspired by Cornelia's latest book.   For today, I'll just leave you with a mellow yellow teaser and a super short slide show from the evening.

  • Yellow wall lighting in the book signing line-Author Cornelia Funke (with over 50 books to her credit including Dragon Rider, Inkheart, and Igraine the Brave) and Co-Author/ Producer, Lionel Wigram (of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes fame).
  • Yellow lighting on friends' faces
  • Yellow helmet protecting the smallest melon in the super cool, Dutch Box Bike
(We thought we were being green by taking the el train to the reading, but            our friends get xtra bonus, green the planet points, by getting downtown with 3 young boys, all by people power!)

  • Yellow, funky characters in the crosswalks.   I almost got run over by honking cabs making turns, for these 2 captures (even though I had the walk light).   But my son really loved them and was sweetly insistent I get the shots!  
  • Yellow dazzles Chicago's Theatre District, Broadway in Chicago.
  • Yellow lights up the Oriental Theatre where we just enjoyed Billy Elliot September 2nd.

****I've also got to give a little shout out for Gustafer Yellowgold, because he's one mellow yellow little dude!   Enter HERE to win the DVD/CD set, Have You Never Been Yellow, on ChiIL Mama through this Tuesday midnight.   We'll send it anywhere in the states.   

If you're a Chicago family with young children, enter to win tickets to see Gustafer live at Schubas.   Specify disc set only on your entry, please, if you are out of town and don't want to be considered for the tickets, too.


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