Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Boogers-New Songs-Sneak Peek All Week-#8 Baseball Bat

Our Big Booger Bonanza must come to an end today.   But we've saved one of the best for last.   Ramones fans out there will recognize a kinder, gentler (in lyrics only) version of Beat On The Brat.    The rockin' riffs are still there and the great, danceable tune hasn't been dumbed down or slowed down a bit.    

All the grown ups know The Ramones were being sarcastic, or ironic or what have you...not condoning child abuse.   But lest our punk kin offspring take the lyrics to heart as an instruction manual or a direct imperative....thank you, Boogers!   

Punk parents the world over can breath easier and break out the bats again, without their brats belting out cringe inducing lyrics in school and in front of the Grandparents!   Oh yeah.   Oh yeah, oh, oh.   (Still, no promises they won't head butt you, like the little dude on the left of the video below.   Cause a punk is a punk, no matter how small.)

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