Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: ChiILin' At Wells Park With Chicago Hip Families

We had our annual picnic/ potluck with The Chicago Hip Families, on Sunday afternoon.   It was mellow and yellow as everyone played in the park, shared an excellent meal and hung out together.   The kids in the group currently range from babies to fourteen year olds, and everyone got along great.   

We even lucked into an unexpected drum circle, in the gazebo near where we were picnicking.   The drummers played for a long time and even the youngest babies were getting down with the beat.   It was a sunny, warm, gorgeous day and the music made it even better.

It was so nice to have some low tech fun with friends.   The kids played on the park structures and in the water sprinkler.   They hula hooped, tossed juggling balls and devil sticks, and played ball.   We had a contact juggling ball, poi balls and a soccer ball, for variety, and not a DS or TV in sight all afternoon.

For more Mellow Yellow Mondays shots, click the link below.