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Save 10% On Actors Gymnasium's Fourth Annual Spring Youth Circus Show, Another Castle

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Video Gamers will Delight in 
New Youth Show
Merging circus arts and a video game aesthetic, this original production is sure to delight all ages.

Here at ChiIL Mama we're extra excited to share the scoop on Another Castle with you since this show is my 13yo daughter, Sage's Actors Gymnasium debut! She'll be sharing the stage and rocking the aerial arts with a super talented cast of kids. We can NOT wait to see this. Some shows are already nearly sold out, so book your tickets ASAP. 

**Sage's code is PLAYER29. Add it when you book tickets in the line for discount code to save 10%!**

The Actors Gymnasium presents the fourth annual Spring Youth Circus, Another Castle 
opening May 14. 

Can our hero make it to the last level with one life and no powerups? After an escape from her mother's restrictive courtly rules, Princess Deidre runs to the woods and befriends young Irving- a half human/half fairy boy. Big Mistake. Little did Deidre know, Irving's mom is the wicked Morrigan, and she hates humans. Now it's up to Deidre to save her friend from his castle prison while navigating the chaotic Land of Bit. 

The Actors Gym Youth Circus Ensemble is at it again- this time with an original fantasy/video game mashup! Goblins and Powerups, Witches and Warp tubes- whether you're a next-gen console kid or came up in the 8-bit days, you'll be amazed by the awesome physical feats of these young performers as they weave a tale of friendship strong enough to conquer the wickedest wild magic. 

The Actors Gymnasium Youth Circus is a performance-based training program that culminates in a fully-produced, original show. This intensive experience pairs professional artists and youth performers to collaboratively create an original new show and includes high-quality training in drama, dance, aerial and circus arts. In the process, students develop skills in collaboration, problem solving, and social interaction with their peers. The Youth Circus is one of our most popular ticketed events each year. 

"Whether I'm teaching or directing, I make sure to hand over control on certain aspects of the class or creative process so that the students or cast and I are truly collaborating together," says co-director Alex Tey. 

The MORRIGAN, wicked magical force of the forest, split in five 
as interpreted by castmate Annabelle

Tey continues, "In rehearsal for the Youth Circuses, what this means is that Sara (my co-director) and I come in with a basic sketch of what the story might look like, and then we lead creative improv exercises with the cast. Through these early workshops, we get input on characters, situations, even specific lines of dialogue that may end up in the show. Any artist is going to be doing their best work when they are deeply invested in the project at hand, and this is our way of respecting and celebrating our cast, building investment, and coming up with great ideas that Sara and I never would have found on our own!" 

To ensure a broad education in circus and performing arts, The Actors Gymnasium brings in instructors who specialize in dance and drama, while Artistic Director Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi teaches circus and aerial skills that include juggling, tumbling, trapeze, tightwire, stilts and more. 

"Youth Circus is such a lucky opportunity, one we definitely don't take for granted. Where else can kids be part of the development and execution of a complete work of performance art with such a uniquely talented team of teachers and artists... and to truly feel like part of the 'team' throughout the process." says parent and board member Lauren Sinai. 

The show runs May 14, 15, 21 & 22, 2016 with three shows each weekend. Tickets are available now and can be purchased at For group reservations and general questions call 847-328-2795. The on-location box office opens 1.5 hours prior to the start of each performance. 

About Another Castle: Spring Youth Circus: 
Written & Directed by Alex Tey and Sara Sawicki 
Circus Choreography by Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi 
Dance Choreography by Kat Scott 
Assistant Circus Choreography by Tommy Tomlins 
Sound Design by Sammy Zeisel 
Lighting Design by Justine Brock
Costume Design by Serena Sandoval
Props Design by Clara Wendland
Stage Managed by Gianna Petrosino 

The Actors Gymnasium is located at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes Street, Evanston, IL - just off of the Noyes purple line 'L' stop. The Noyes Cultural Arts Center is owned by the City of Evanston and home to over 20 artists and arts organizations offering music, theater, and visual arts programs and studios. The galleries exhibit local artists, with exhibitions changing every two months.

Actors Gymnasium classes are taught in a 3,000 sq/ft gymnasium space that features a 1,600 sq/ft sprung floor and a fully rigged 24 foot ceiling. All aerial equipment such as the Aerial Hoop, Spanish Web, aerial silks, static trapeze and more are provided, as well as the equipment for ground skills such as unicycling, juggling, tight wire and gymnastics. Additional classes are taught in Studio 108, a 900 sq/ft classroom space that features a floating sprung White Oak dance floor, a fully rigged 14 foot ceiling, a handstand wall, conditioning ladders, and room length 12 foot mirrors for aerial work.

About The Actors Gymnasium:

The Actors Gymnasium is dedicated to bringing a new physicality to the American Theatre. Encouraging ground-breaking theatrical exploration, The Actors Gymnasium teaches circus arts, physical theatre and multi-disciplinary performance to children and adults; produces original, daring works of circus-theatre; and serves as a talent resource, providing performance opportunities to our students and innovative professional event entertainment for a wider audience. At The Actors Gymnasium, people Learn To Fly - physically, emotionally, and creatively. For more information, please visit

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