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ChiIL Mama's Adventures at iFLY Lincoln Park

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Chicagoland iFLY, 
indoor skydiving location

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My daughter, Sage, and her Pom Squad team mate and friend, Gaby (both 12), came with me to give indoor skydiving a try. My son and I tried it when iFLY first opened in Naperville and Rosemont a couple years back. Now we're elated to announce that they've opened a NEW location even closer to home, in Chicago's own Lincoln Park area, close to New City! 

We were some of the first to fly and the girls both loved it so much they waited around till everyone had a turn so they could go again... 3 times! By the evening's end they were hooked. They even asked how old you have to be to work there (and get free class credits) and were dismayed to hear they have to wait 6 years, till they turn 18! 

Disclosure: Thanks to iFLY for providing us with comped flight times for review purposes. We were not compensated in any other way or paid for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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What we loved: 
This is a great activity for all ages and abilities. You don't need to be uber athletic to fly, though my pom kids/gymnasts had an edge with their core strength and flexibility. I can attest, it works for middle age moms too! 

Local press got a sweet demo on wind tunnel tech via teddy bear and bottled water.

ChiIL Mama's daughter, Sage, and her friend, Gaby (both 12) LOVED iFLY!

The instructor demos between groups of newbies were mind blowing, full of epic, super hero worthy moves!

Staff was friendly, helpful and enthusiastic! They took time to tell us their own stories and were all passionate about indoor skydiving, whether they were fairly new at it or seasoned pros who've been skydiving indoors and out for years. 

Looking for a group get together idea or a unique party plan? iFLY also books private groups and birthday parties. This is a stellar idea for the tween and teen market. Highly recommended.

Press Night:
The place was hoppin' with a live DJ and excellent food from The Warehouse Bar and Pizzeria. 

Worlds Collide Alert:
We do love it when our friends play well together. It was truly a treat to see the world’s foremost mentalist and purveyor of mind games, Marc Salem, flying and reading minds at the press opening of IFLY Chicago - Lincoln Park. His highly acclaimed and extended run of Marc Salem's Mind Over Chicago played at The Apollo from February through April 2016. 

This guy's obviously at home on stage, in his familiar set. Yet he was open to pushing the boundaries, not only mentally, but physically. He actually tried a wind tunnel at the press opening of the newest iFLY, the indoor sky diving phenomenon. We were impressed that Marc was willing to leave his comfort zone and take flight, then read minds! 

About iFLY Lincoln Park
:  iFLY Lincoln Park is the 19th and newest of the iFLY operations in the USA. Featuring a 12-foot diameter wind tunnel powered by four quiet and clean running electric motors. People of all ages can fly with us with few limitations. Those folks with shoulder, back or neck injuries should consult their doctor before attempting to fly with us. There is a standard weight limit of 250 pounds for most flyers, but depending on height and body type that number may be exceeded. All instructors at iFLY Lincoln Park are I.B.A. certified as the best-trained and safest instructors in the sport of indoor skydiving. iFLY Lincoln Park is located at 
800 West Scott Street off North Halstead Street.

About iFLY Indoor Skydiving: Austin-based iFLY Holdings, LLC is the world leader in design, manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel systems for indoor skydiving. Under the brand names iFLY, SkyVenture, and Airkix, the Company has flown more than 7,000,000 people in a dozen countries since launching the modern vertical wind tunnel industry in 1998. iFLY has 37 facilities operating, 15 currently in construction and another 8 planned to start construction before the end of 2015. iFLY supports and utilizes the safety and training rules set out by the International Body Fight Association (IBA) to ensure safety and progression of the sport of indoor skydiving.

What is iFLY?

S.T.E.M. Education Program:

ChiIL Mama's iFLY Photo Favs:

Grrrl power!

ChiIL Mama ChiILin' at iFLY-Lincoln Park

So many ways to level up. The girls are counting the years till they can come work for iFLY and take classes for free!

Even the restrooms are flight themed!

Come check it out. iFLY is highly recommended for family friendly fun! 

Disclosure: Thanks to iFLY for providing us with comped flight times for review purposes. We were not compensated in any other way or paid for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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