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ChiIL Mama's Adventures at Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2014 ‪#‎ChiTAGfair‬ #OriginalPhotos

Photo Filled Recap

You know it's a great annual event when even the teens and tweens say it's one of their favorites! ChiIL Mama was happy to again be covering The Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier last weekend. It's such a playful, colorful weekend with loads of inventors in the house, new cutting edge offerings and larger than life classic games to play. We love that it's so hands on. 

Disclosure: We were not paid to promote ChiTAG but we have partnered up with them for years and they always provide us with review and giveaway passes for our family and our readers, a swag bag, and a press/blogger breakfast.

Our full set of photos is included in the 
slide show here. 
Favorite shots are embedded below.

Thanks to press sponsors Spin Master Games, Razor Worldwide, 
and PRIVOtrust.

Yo Santa! We would LOVE to review Razor's new offerings like this stylin' scooter with the serious off roader wheels.

We saw soooooo many fun, new offerings from Spin Master Games we could have stayed in their area all day! Moustache Smash, Shark Mania, Kinetic Sand, Sew Cool and so much more.

Sew Cool by Spin Master Games is a safe and easy sewing machine for kids. The character patterns are adorable. So cool indeed!

It was also such a pleasure to meet John Spinello, the inventor of the game Operation! We've been spreading word about the fundraising campaign to help him afford an operation of his own! How'd ChiIL Mama do with making the operation face?! 

Mayfair Games--always a fav. 

We got a press sample of The Tapple Game last year and we've been having brain expanding, giggle inducing fun with it ever since.

Rainbow Loom is a top favorite of ours for creative, unisex fun!! Thanks to our friends at Building Blocks Toy Store for giving us a discount on our Rainbow Loom, bands and charms. They're a great resource to feed your loomin' habit! So stoked our press swag bag included a little pocket sized Rainbow Loom. Sage has been inseparable from it ever since and she's made 3 bracelets already. ChiIL Mama's #‎ChiILPicksLIst #‎ChiTAGfair Chicago Toy & Game Fair.

WORLDS COLLIDE ALERT: My Neighbor Totoro and Rainbow Loom together. Too much fun!! 

Here at ChiIL Mama, we've teamed up with the award winning Go! Go! Sports Girls before for a review and giveaway. We love encouraging, grrrrrl power toys that empower girl athletes.

This fun, creative kit from Fibre Craft went right on the holiday wish list and it's one of our new favorite things for sure! Check back soon for our video interview with the inventor of Aqua Swirl, then head out to Jo Ann Fabric ASAP before these cool kits are sold out.

Even Columbia College's robotics class students were representing. Our favorite was this emotional Roboplush by Rebecca Young. It smiles if you tickle it and frowns if you shake it!

Hands on fun with Floam! Joy. Years ago a good friend of mine came to visit from Sweden and took a bunch of Floam back because she liked it so much and couldn't get it there. Best part of all this is ChiTAGfair handled the clean up!

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this mother just invented something so cool you'll wonder how you ever raised kids without it! Check back soon for our exclusive video interview with the inventor of Lil' Sidekick, a truly genius idea.

Of course we give extra attention to the locals. These 2 cool, handcrafted games include Knock Down Barns, made on Chicago's south side at the Bridgeport Arts Center, from reclaimed wood and Manuscripts, with tiny hand bound books, hand painted figurines, and hand carved boards that are made in a garage in the Chicago burbs!!

Sometimes it really is more fun to play with the BOX! Happy to see Adventure Sandwich back again this year with the awesome cardboard playground.

Thrilled to see our pals from Gametruck back this year too. They gave us a Game Truck Skylanders Swapforce party last year that was a blast! Highly recommended. Now they've expanded with laser tag, bubble soccer, ride on toys and more!

Chicago Toy and Game Fair is fabulous fun! 

Can't wait to try out our press sample. Chinese Jacks and jewelry all in 1 colorful toy. Play N Wear. Smart idea! Check out WackyJax.

We'll end for today with another of our favorite go to game companies, PATCH! Check back with ChiIL Mama early and often for loads of great news, reviews, and video interviews. We also have lots of sweet nationwide giveaways.

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Disclosure: We were not paid to promote ChiTAG but we have partnered up with them for years and they always provide us with review and giveaway passes for our family and our readers, a swag bag, and a press/blogger breakfast.

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