Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The #MamaVoxBox From #Influenster #Belvita #Dr.Scholls #AnniesHomegrown #ad

Disclosure:  All samples were complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.

If you follow ChiIL Mama on Facebook or Twitter you'll notice we've been frequently covering the products we recently got in our MamaVoxBox product sampler from Influenster.   We've been reviewing 'em on Amazon and rockin' the hashtags on Twitter, Instagram  & FB.   We've even gone above and beyond and earned extra badges for all 3 products.

Here's what's in our pantry.   Annie's Homemade is tween easy.   Moms can feel good about it because it's organic.  Kids chow down on it.   #influenster sent us 1 cup of their new release--microwavable cup in our #MamaVoxBox.

**Enter the Annie's Creative Photo Contest on Facebook to win a MegaVoxBox!   Take a creative photo of any Annie's products & tag it with hashtags #AnniesContest & #RealCheese to enter!**

Click here for our full feature on Annie's Homegrown Mac & Cheese in new microwavable cups!

Check out our #MamaVoxBox YouTube Video here:

The Annie's Mac was a huge hit.  We've also been diggin' our other #MamaVoxBox Products.

Photo credit: @ashley_ferkovich on Instagram

BelVita #SoftBaked Breakfast Cookies are the kids' new favorite treat for breakfast and beyond.  We've bought 6 more boxes since the VoxBox arrived and gone through 3 already.   Our family favs are the brown sugar cinnamon Breakfast Biscuits, hands down.   Soft baked is tasty but our whole family likes the crispy over the soft baked.   Try them all!

  • My new beauty BFF is #PONDSBB!   I created a postcard with my lil sister in their FB contest, 'cause Chi-town's getting pretty chilly and a tropical Bahamas getaway would rock.   You can too!   Click here for details.  
I tend toward natural and minimalist when it comes to makeup, but I attend a lot of press events where I'm on camera, interview famous touring musicians, and attend lots of opening nights.  So, there are times when I want to look my best, or dress things up a bit. 

 POND'S® Luminous Finish BB+ Cream isn't heavy and has moisturizers and sunscreen.  It's give a hint of color and within 2 weeks it gives a lasting, more even skin tone--a win win situation.    I was sent two, one for me and one to share.   Check out ChiIL Mama's Instagram soon for my before and after shots.

  • Say #RealCheese: There's nothing kids like better than Mac & Cheese!   And Annie's Homegrown is our cheese of choice for sure!  My kids have loved it since they were toddlers, and now that they're tweens they can make it themselves, especially with the new easy cheesy microwave cups.

Get on your feet: When it comes to footwear, are you practical, fashionable or a little bit of both?   I'm no stiletto girl.  But comfort before beauty doesn't have to mean boring.  My fav footwear is funky like Chucks, Dr. Marten's Boots (docs), and black leather.   They're well worn and well loved.
  • I shoot lots of live rock shows and music fests where I'm on my feet for hours, and Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles keep my feet happy! They're currently in my fuzzy leopard Mary Janes which have a tail and anarchy symbols all over the soles (fun footprints indeed).   I dare you to see these shoes and not grin.   With comfort gel insoles, my feet are smiling on the inside too!

Disclosure:  Thanks again to Influenster for the complimentary samples for review purposes.

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