Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy 17th Birthday Building Blocks #RainbowLoom #sale

Building Blocks may be a "teen ager" but this baby still likes to play.   Come on out today through Sunday.   It may be their birthday, but you get the prezzies!! Feed your Rainbow Loom obsession, stock up for the holidays, or come on in and play.   ChiIL Mama is doing a big photo/video feature on the Rainbow Loom Boom in the very near future and we've found Building Blocks to have one of the best selections in town.  Don't delay though, demand is already exceeding supply from the loom peeps and the kids are loopy for it.   Toy stores can't restock these fast enough.   Rainbow Looms, charms, and multicolored band refills make great, affordable fall birthday presents and are sure to be on many wish lists come December.

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