Saturday, October 26, 2013

CICFF 30th Anniversary Schedule & $40 Family Pass #ChiILPicksList

I've been a volunteer at Facets Multimedia for 23+ years.   And I've adored and attended the Children's Film Festival since long before I had kids of my own.  My tweens who are 10 & 12 grew up on the fest and are eagerly anticipating this year's lineup which features more tween features in addition to all the early childhood and elementary age favs.

Check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.   We'll have our ChiIL Picks List up shortly.

We sat down and picked the brains of projectionists and staff at Facets about their favorites and we'll be adding our own wish list as well.   What will you see? It's a multicultural feast of fam friendly cinema.

Of course you'll want to adapt the schedule to the ages & tastes of your kids.   If you plan to hit more than one show, buy a family pass.   It's a smokin' deal at just $40!   But go early to the screenings you want to see. Entry is limited by capacity.

This year's CICFF features the absolute best in new world cinema for kids of all ages.

The programs we've designed to celebrate our 30th anniversary will empower and inspire the next generation of film lovers. Join us and take amazing journeys with a wealth of character-driven stories, painterly and cutting edge animation, and thoughtful resolutions. Every screening at the CICFF is a visual treat for the whole family.

The Family Pass is on sale now.
The best family entertainment deal in Chicago
Click here and get your family pass today!

This was one of our fav Halloween children's books when the kids were small.

Guessing Game... Can you guess the films these images came from?   Check the schedule & discover some of our top ChiIL Picks.

Like Japanese anime... French fare... Halloween themes... grrrrl power... martial arts... Fantastic Planet remastered?   There's something for everyone!!


  1. What a fun event!

    It was lovely meeting you at the Kenmore Blogger Summit this weekend. Keep in touch!

    1. Likewise. Great to meet you, too @Beeb Ashcroft! I have a sister in Portland so the odds are favorable I'll be heading your way again sooner or later. Keep in touch & LMK if we can partner up on anything.