Friday, November 2, 2012

HELP LOCALLY: Scrabble for Cheaters for 826CHI

826CHI is one of our favorite spaces.   I've volunteered and taught workshops there and both of my kids have enjoyed numerous, free creative writing classes.   Help 'em out if you can.   They're a true treasure!!

51 depressing weeks of rule-following and norm-abiding have finally come to an end: it's Scrabble time. Bring your most crooked comrades, beguiling buddies, and plunderous pals to 826CHI on November 10th-that's next Saturday-to play some Scrabble and raise money for our creative writing programs!

Teams of two fundraise as much as humanly possible and use that money to purchase officially-sanctioned cheats on game day. Cheats vary in their degree of skullduggery, but one thing is certain; teams with the most money can buy the most cheats, thereby increasing their chances of pummeling all competition into oblivion...even if they are horrible spellers.

You may not be a skilled Scrabbler, but are you a good cheater?

To form a two-person team, take the following four steps:

1. Sign up your duo online,
2. Call your grandma, pester your roommates, and beg your coworkers for cheating money (checks to 826CHI are tax deductible!)
3. Master the "Q-without-U" word list, and
4. On 11/10/12, demonstrate your cheating prowess and annihilate all competitors.

The tournament begins Saturday, November 10 at high noon. All participants shall gather in 826CHI's Scrabbleadium, conveniently located at our normal location: 1331 N Milwaukee Avenue. The tournament champion will be presented with the most glorious trophy imaginable and a custom-made Scrabble game, plus ultimate bragging rights for 365 days.

View the rules, cheats, and scope out your competition here.

For questions or additional information,
please contact 826CHI Communications Coordinator, Abi Humber,
at (773) 772-8108 or
Neither 826CHI nor this fundraiser is sponsored by or affiliated with Hasbro, the makers of the SCRABBLE®-brand, tile-based word game.

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