Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chipmunk N Children #Ohio #nature

all photos credit:  Dugan (age 11)

What says fall like those bulging chipmunk cheeks?!


October 19-26th, we were on a travel shoot in Ohio.   We've got loads of great Ohio Renaissance Faire photos coming up soon.   It was also a relaxing chance to swing by my childhood home in Cincinnati and visit Grammy and Gramps.   They're still in the midwestern, suburban, ranch style with an acre yard that I lived in from age 6 to 18.   For our urban Chicago kids, it's like a wilderness nature preserve.

My parent's yard has frequent visits from deer, foxes and a red tailed hawk.   They have numerous resident birds of a zillion species beyond the city pigeons and sparrows we feed.  They also have a healthy clan of chipmunks and a groundhog who live under the back desk, and a boat load of squirrels.

My 9 & 11 year old kids had freedom to run and play and explore the large yard and adjoining woods.   They made food packets for the chipmunk families and took these photos themselves!   I was pretty impressed with their compassion, patience and mad photo skills.

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