Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Kids Ever-Cinnamon Butterfly Toast With a Moshling On Top

Look what my creative kids brought me--breakfast in bed...with flair!!

I've been fighting off the crudly yuck I nursed Sage through last week.   Finally Sunday morning I crashed and told the kids I needed to sleep in, take some Airborne, something for congestion, and a couple pieces of toast and stay in bed till our theatre date at 1pm.   When I made my way into the kitchen to make a bit of toast and grab meds, my kids told me to go back to bed and they'd take care of me.  Here's what they showed up with.   I was super surprised and impressed.

This beautiful cinnamon butterfly beat the heck out of the toast I was going to make myself!   (note the yellow decongestant tab in the center--camouflaged among a packet of Smarties).

Sage even shared her beloved, new Moshling, Scarlett O'Haira, figurine from ChiTAG!   She's a prototype--not even available yet and a greatly prized gift from Betsy, Sr. Product Creative Manager for Mind Candy and the creative mastermind behind the mind blowing Moshling Dress that graced the runway at playCHIC.   I felt soooo much better after that rockin' breakfast.

Allison Neff-photo credit playCHIC runway fashion show

It was a crazy busy five days.   Between writing full time and covering adult bands and theatre for ChiIL Live Shows and family fun for ChiIL Mama, I had a full plate.   One of the best things about urban living is having too many options.   Sometimes, though, it makes for a full schedule!   

Here was my wacky week... end:

*playCHI runway fashion show (photos)

*Sister Act-Broadway in Chicago (review)

*Brunch with Ford for Drowsy Driver Awarness Week--Ford Fusion test drive

*1pm National Theatre Live Series--Timon of Athens press screening at Music Box. 

*500 Clown Frankenstein show (theatre review)

*UFO at HOB (however I got all the way down there with camera in hand to find out there was a hurricane Sandy related SNAFU and my previously confirmed press spot wasn't)

*Breaks & Bikes-Pavement Group at Collaboraction (theatre review)

*Badfish (Sublime cover band)show at Cubby Bear (photos/video) --this was a fun one as a guy arranged to call his GF up on stage and propose and luckily she said yes.   I caught it on video.   Romance is still alive and well.

*ChiTAG Blogger/Press Breakfast 7:45

*10th Anniversary Chicago Toy and Game Fair all day (photos/video) 

*Black Tusk/Red Fang show at Subterranean (photos/video) 

*amazing butterfly breakfast in bed by the best kids ever

*Harold and The Purple Crayon-Chicago Children's Theatre in Skokie

*Potted Potter-Broadway in Chicago at Broadway Playhouse (review)

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