Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video Interview: Playwright, Brett Neveu & Band Members of The Noses and This Magazine Is Haunted

We talked to 4 rockin' musicians who also happen to be somebody's parents.  Our interview includes a few dads and 1 kick ass punk mama, Ellen, who sings, plays a wicked bass, and can still spout a plume of Pabst Blue Ribbon on stage, with the best of 'em.  

Hear them expound on how parenting littles has changed their writing tempo and their lives, what the kids think of The Sex Pistols, and Ellen's brilliantly snarky, kittencentric rant about parenting philosophy, full of chunks of wisdom like "we're all assholes and little Buddhas at the same time."

Thanks for checkin' out our very first Vimeo video, on the brand spankin' new ChiIL Mama Channel.   We now have 48 original videos on The ChiIL Mama Channel on YouTube, so we're expanding our horizons.

We'll be featuring a whole series of interviews with interesting musicians including adult band members who have children, those playing indie kids (or kindie) music for families, and band members who are kids.   We also have live, concert footage of most of the bands and often run tie ins with free CDs (nationwide) and free concert tickets in the Chicago area.   So check in like we vote in Chicago....early and often.   Enjoy!   

ChiIL Mama's upcoming, exclusive video interviews

Parents who rock genre--Interviews With:

Keller Williams-parent to 2 children and new to the kindie rock world, with 16 acclaimed adult CDs under his belt, now on a dual tour:   kids by day/ 18+ at night.
The Verve Pipe-also award winning musicians in the adult music world, who made their first foray into the kindie rock world in 2010.   The band includes several dads, and like Keller, they also launched a dual tour, playing both kids and adult shows.

How Far To Austin-a self described rock and soul band playing next on lucky March 11, 11.   This band has two parent musicians with a young daughter.   We'll have free CDs and concert tickets for lucky readers.

Prichard-80's punks who still rock out for the 21+ set, including a guitar player 3 Chicago kids call Dad.

Kindie Rock Scene--Interviews With:

Kids in Bands Who Rock--Interviews With:

Check Our Archives--Interviews With:

Tor Hyams-Kidzapalooza/Lollapalooza Co-Producer and father of two (print)

Danbert Nobacon, former lead singer for Chumbawamba, author of an anarchist fairy tale illustrated by Alex Cox (director of Sid and Nancy, Repo Man and other cult classics), and father to 10 year old twins.   We also have live concert footage.

Recess Monkey-Seattle's kindie rock kings, teachers and parents

Tim and The Space Cadets-up and coming kindie kids

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