Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monster Jam Chicago 2011-Friday Night At Allstate Arena

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We had a ton of fun at our first Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.   Grave Digger nearly dug an early grave for themselves, flipping on the first run, but they rallied in time to come back for the freestyle.   Our kids unanimously declared the battle of the transformers as their favorite part, but the adults liked the freestyle best.   The crowd went wild when Monster Mutt won!   Monster Jam is over Sunday, so check it out before they truck on outta town.   Fun times for the whole family.   Earplugs necessary!


  1. Do they sell ear plugs there?

  2. Looks like loads of fun. Tucker and Dashiell's Grandma Judy.

  3. They do sell over the ear, muff style earplugs for the kids there that look like Monster truck tires. Cute for the littles, but I'm not sure how much sound they block.