Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chill Mama, Chillmama, Chili Mama, Chilly Mama...(take that, search engine!)

ChiIL Mama

Now that we're covering live music just about every weekend, there's always someone from the audience, out there, lost in cyber space....looking for us in all the wrong places.   So this post's for you.

We're getting more shout outs from the stage, where it's hard to get the visuals.   In one on one conversation, I can point to my eyes and say, "It's ChiIL Mama with two eyes and one L--like the "L" train, another easily recognizable Chi Town icon."  

Just to set the record straight, we're ChiIL Mama--the abbreviation of the city and state we live in and love, mushed together.   Chi  IL.   Although we do cover the national kindie music scene and welcome and love bands from all over.   And although we do love to travel and cover fun destinations throughout the states and around the world, our roots are firmly planted here in Sweet Home Chicago. 

One of the most common misnomers is Chill Mama.   Understandable.   That's us verbally.   And we do write ChiIL Out for Chicago Parent on a regular basis and refer to chiILin' at particular events.   We've even got two chiIL spin off blogs that are new this year, ChiIL Live Shows and ChiIL Travel Kids.

The second one I hear all the time is Chilly or Chili Mama.   In Febuary in Chicago, yes, yes I am.   I also make a mean veggie chili.    However, you won't find our blog listed that way.

So, embrace the place and it'll be easy to remember Chi, IL and find ChiIL Mama and our little chiIL spawn:  ChiIL Out, ChiIL Live Shows, and ChiIL Travel Kids.   We'll see you at the shows!

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  1. Loved working with ya last night ;)

    <33 David garcia