Friday, August 20, 2010

Kidzapalooza Remo Drum Circle With John Yost

How many drums have your kids broken so far? We've gone through a rubber topped pseudo-Native American drum, a wooden drum that got recalled for lead paint and several giant plastic drums filled with percussion toys. Our cheap maracas cracked and spilled their plastic beans everywhere. And those instruments sounded terrible when they were new.

However, all the Remo drums we've ever bought are still in great shape and hold a prominent place in our hearts and in our living room. Over the years, our kids have accumulated an assortment of Remo bongos, toms, conga drums, shakers, tambourines and even lollipop drums on a stick that are spiraled like a huge sucker. At 7 & 9, the kids still haven't outgrown them. Instead, these instruments have grown with the children.

Especially during those early years, when drums sometimes accidentally double as seats or stairs, kids are really rough on drum heads. But just because it's for the kids and not the pros, Remo doesn't cheap out on the materials. Remo uses REAL drum head on their kids' drums. So they last REALLY long and they sound REALLY great.

Every year we look forward to the Remo drum circle at Kidzapalooza.   Everyone who wants to, gets to play.   And the pressure's off in a group.   There's such a loud lot of drumming going on that nobody will hear or care if you screw up.   There's safety in numbers.

There's also a mightiness and energy to group drumming--to individuals coming together to make a big noise together.   And John Yost is the master maestro who helps to make control out of chaos.   He directs and channels the energy so everyone gets a turn to play.   And he gives the rhythms focus, so people get out of their head and their self consciousness and into a follow the leader game.   

In 2010, the drum circle became a longer running part of the Kidzapalooza day, instead of just happening at the end.   It's a great change and hopefully a new tradition.   

Drumming is great for kids' development and parents might just find themselves jumping in and wailing away, too.   Drumming is also a great stress release.   If we can walk together, why can't we rock together.   If you haven't tried it yet, a drum circle is fun family together time.   We'll be practicing up on our Remo drums this winter.   Look out Kidza 2011.   We're gonna kick out the jams.

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