Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday: E is for Ear Protection

E is for Ear Protection

 What did you say?

I said E is for..


E is for ear protection.


I SAID E IS FOR EAR.....You're doing that on purpose aren't you.

If you're going to live the rock and roll life style with your kids, make sure they have ear protection.   Bright orange, squishy foam ones function fine.  Silicone earplugs are even better and stay in.   They're cheap and easy to find at any drug store. 

Otherwise, decent sets are available for under $20, that make your kids look like they could get you friends and family tixs to fly anywhere in the world.

Kids' ears are more sensitive to damage than adults.   You wouldn't throw your kids out in the sun without protection from the rays.   So don't throw them into a loud concert without protection from the waves.

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  1. Hah ... a delightful take on the letter ER ... and what a variety of shape and colour you have tracked down for us today. Like this post a lot ...

  2. WHAT?!
    Actually, a very good idea, those orange thingies, esp if you sleep w someone who snores. Those headphones, conversely, would be difficult to sleep with.

    ROG, ANC Wednesday team

  3. As an avid NASCAR fan, I see these things at every race I attend. It freaks me out when kids don't have 'em on. Good grief, the sounds of those cars are louder than any concert I've ever attended.

    Great E post!

  4. Smart and cute! When they get to be teenagers is the real challenge for they always want to look cool. I liked this post :)

  5. What a clever post....unique choice for "E"