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GRAND OPENING: iFLY Lincoln Park, Chicago March 16th!

iFLY set to Deliver the Dream of Flight to Lincoln Park

Located in Lincoln Park, the region’s only indoor skydiving operation welcomes both the young and the young at heart to experience the joy of flight

ChiIL Mama and her son, Dugan, trying iFLY for the first time back in 2014 in Naperville!

iFLY, the world’s largest Indoor Skydiving operation, is now delivering the dream of flight to adventure seekers with the opening of their newest location on Monday, March 7th. Their Grand Opening will be March 16th. With more than 7 million people having already flown with iFLY nationwide, Chicagoland residents of all ages who have looked to the skies and dreamed of flying can now make that dream come true.

The world’s largest Indoor Skydiving operation, iFLY, is now delivering the dream of flight to adventure seekers in the Lincoln Park area. The new location at 800 West Scott Street at Halsted marks the 17th iFLY facility in the U.S. Chicagoland residents who have looked to the skies and dreamed of flying like a bird can now make that dream come true. 

**People of all ages and abilities can experience human flight in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.** 

My son and I tried iFLY years ago, when they first opened in Naperville. Our family daredevils were out of town for work and had a gymnastics team conflict, so the other two of us braved up and went for it. My husband has jumped out of a plane and gone actual sky diving and my daughter has bungie jumped on Mt. Hood. They both zip lined down a mountain and across a chasm in Vail and they've been chomping at the bit to try iFLY for years!

We took iFLY at their word about all ages and abilities, and I'm so glad we took the chance and went for it. Take that Bucket List! I felt a sense of accomplishment once I tried iFLY. It's not as scary as I thought it would be.

Why should kids have all the fun and get all the new, cool experiences. Seriously, all ages and abilities can do this. We've heard they offer pretty sweet birthday parties too.

Each indoor skydiving facility is a marvel of engineering that replicates the experience of skydiving, creating conditions that allow people to fly on a smooth cushion of air. With the help of iFLY certified flight instructors, customers learn to fly, control their bodies in the air and experience true human flight.

“Our mission is to deliver the dream of flight to everybody, whether you’re age three or 103,” said Matt Ryan, iFLY President and COO. “Since 1998, more than seven million customers worldwide have experienced human flight at iFLY in a variety of ways: as a fun excursion with family and friends, a student on an educational Science, Technology, and Math (S.T.E.M.) field trip, a professional skydiver or member of the military for training, and a corporate customer looking for a unique team building activity. Thanks to iFLY, flying is finally available to everyone.”

To prepare for their flight experience, customers complete a training class guided by one of iFLY’s flight and safety instructors, are equipped with flight gear, including goggles, helmet and flight suit, and then with their instructor at their side, they enter the flight chamber and are supported by a cushion of air.

All flight packages include training, flight gear, and flight time with an International Bodyflight Association (IBA) certified instructor. (The IBA has established the Gold Standard for training and safety standards for Indoor Skydiving Instructors). All iFLY instructors meet or exceed IBA standards. For more information about iFLY’s flight packages and prices and to book your flight time at iFLY Lincoln Park, please visit the website at

“We are working hard to complete all the finishing touches in our newest iFLY operation here in Lincoln Park,” said David Janossy, General Manager for iFLY Lincoln Park. “My team and I are pumped to share the dream of flight at our new location. Every day is a new adventure for each and every person at the tunnel. Watching people fly for the first time is a life changing experience for them and just wonderful for each of us helping to make dreams come true.”

About iFLY Lincoln Park:  iFLY Lincoln Park is the 19th and newest of the iFLY operations in the USA. Featuring a 12-foot diameter wind tunnel powered by four quiet and clean running electric motors. People of all ages can fly with us with few limitations. Those folks with shoulder, back or neck injuries should consult their doctor before attempting to fly with us. There is a standard weight limit of 250 pounds for most flyers, but depending on height and body type that number may be exceeded. All instructors at iFLY Lincoln Park are I.B.A. certified as the best-trained and safest instructors in the sport of indoor skydiving. iFLY Lincoln Park is located at 800 West Scott Street off North Halstead Street.

About iFLY Indoor Skydiving: Austin-based iFLY Holdings, LLC is the world leader in design, manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel systems for indoor skydiving. Under the brand names iFLY, SkyVenture, and Airkix, the Company has flown more than 7,000,000 people in a dozen countries since launching the modern vertical wind tunnel industry in 1998. iFLY has 37 facilities operating, 15 currently in construction and another 8 planned to start construction before the end of 2015. iFLY supports and utilizes the safety and training rules set out by the International Bod

Click here for more on iFLY's S.T.E.M. Education Program

More of ChiIL Mama's Original iFLY Pixs:

We were well trained and I felt totally safe.

No, you don't have to be skinny, fit or athletic to successfully fly with iFLY!

Yes, it's loud, so you'll need earplugs!

And it's windy, so you'll need goggles!

Come on out and try this unique experience! 

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