Sunday, September 20, 2015 Launching on October 1st

First off, what is Reviewsio? members are receiving products in the mail FOR FREE in exchange for their honest review on After receiving the product, leave a high-quality review and you get to keep the product… no strings attached!  Anybody can do this. All you need to be is a Reviewsio member, have an Prime account and write high-quality reviews! Click here to sign up.

The more good reviews a product has posted on Amazon, the more sales companies make. So, Amazon sellers are willing to give away their product at HUGE discounts to people like you, simply in exchange for an honest review. Successful sellers know the more reviews their products have the more sales they’ll get, so they’re willing to give huge discounts to make more money in the long run.

So, this is where YOU come in
Sellers need YOUR help to get more reviews!  As a Reviewsio member, you get directly connected with Amazon sellers looking to increase their sales and get more reviews.

Find a Deal
First, browse our catalog of deals listed from our sellers that contain hundreds of items which are marked down 80-100% OFF retail! We encourage to our sellers to make the discounts as BIG as possible to entice you to request their item!

If approved for the deal after requesting it, YOU get a voucher code that knocks down the price of the item at Amazon checkout.

You order it  You test it  You review it

YOU KEEP IT! It’s really as simple as that… seriously!


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  1. This may just push me over the edge to actually get that prime account I've always wanted... sounds so tempting!


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