Thursday, September 17, 2015

FREE Neshama Energy Treatment Relaxation Session in Chicago

Have you ever done any energy work, meditation, or energy balancing? It can be a great stress release, tool for self healing or self discovery, and a kick in the "energy field" butt to stop procrastinating and realize your goals and dreams. I tried Reiki and a handful of other techniques waaay back in the day, during my college theater training days. Yet, I'd never heard of Neshama until last month when my long time friend, Anna offered me a complimentary session as part of her certification. 

Anna made me feel very comfortable, and I was happy to find out the only thing I had to take off were my shoes. The session was cathartic and ultimately reenergizing. I could feel lines of energy passing between us like an image of many vertical lines of rain. Many people fall asleep, but I stayed awake, in a state of deep breathing and meditation. Highly recommended.

Neshama is similar to Reiki but with some differences. Sessions integrate your mind, body and emotions to create a greater sense of well being. This is a time for you to relax and know who you are.

Anna needs to administer 100 free sessions for her certification from the Conscious Transformation group in Denver. No charge, catch or strings attached, although word of mouth referrals and write ups/social media mentions are greatly appreciated, if you find your treatment beneficial and are willing to send others her way. To schedule your free session (Approx $75 value), contact Anna Greenberg and tell her ChiIL Mama sent you.

The Session:
Anna says, "A person will lay on their back on my massage table, fully clothed and my hands are above the body, no touching. Music will play in the background while I subtly work in their energy field. The person is invited to join me in a meditative state during the session. At the minimum, the person can relax on my table for 35 minutes."

Once again, to schedule your free session, contact and tell her ChiIL Mama sent you. She will get back to you within several days at the latest, to coordinate a time.

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