Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrate National Rice Month With A Creepy Sweet Recipe That Will Make You Squirm

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    Check out ChiIL Mama's original recipe for adorable Worms and Dirt Parfaits With 
    Minute® Ready to Serve Rice!

    Happy National Rice Month! Did you know September is not only Autumn Equinox and the start of fall, but also a great time to celebrates the rice harvest, and easy, filling rice dishes. We're getting excited for cozy fleeces, fireplace weather and fall-inspired flavors, like spooky fun treats. We are also elated to be chosen to partner up with Minute® Ready to Serve Rice for a second sponsored post, including a fun, rice inspired recipe.

    Have you discovered the fun of eating Worms and Dirt? Our new twist on this playful treat is sure to make you squirm with joy. It's a huge hit with the little ones and even my tween and teen still get a kick out of making and eating fun food. Celebrate the fall harvest with a sprig of fresh mint from the garden or farmer's market atop a colorful, creative parfait! Worms and Dirt is a fun lunch box surprise, a huge hit for Halloween parties, or a neat treat to make after school homework go down a bit easier.

    Worms and Dirt Parfaits
    a creepy, sweet treat, Minute® Ready to Serve Rice style

    White Minute® Ready to Serve Rice
    1 package of gummy worms
    1 package of chocolate cookies 
    1 tub of vanilla pudding
    1 tub of chocolate pudding
    1 tub of hazelnut spread
    sprigs of fresh mint


    Microwave White Minute® Ready to Serve Rice for 1 minute per cup. Mix 1 Minute® Ready to Serve Rice cup with 4 large spoonfuls of vanilla pudding. In a 2nd small bowl, combine White Minute® Ready to Serve Rice, 4 large spoonfuls of chocolate pudding, and hazelnut spread to taste. Layer as a parfait, alternating pudding colors. Crush chocolate cookies and use them to garnish the top of the parfaits for a hint of dirt. Add gummy worms. Top off with a sprig of fresh mint. We tried sweet mint and chocolate mint sprigs and highly recommend them both.

    For extra fun, set out the ingredients and let your kids or party guests assemble their own creations.

    Quick and easy is a must for our busy, on the go family, so Minute® Ready to Serve Rice is one of our "go to" choices for creepy sweets or filling dinners. Minute® Ready to Serve Rice offers portability and portion control and is ideal for lunch or a snack.

    I thought I'd have extra time once our busy summer fun ended and my kids went back to school. Somehow, we're busier than ever! The upside is, my kids are now 12 and 14 so they can make many of their own meals when necessary. We stocked up on many flavors of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice which can be microwaved and ready in just 60 seconds, so it's quick, safe and easy for kids to cook without involving a stove or complicated directions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts can be made with rice and it's a staple my whole family loves. Tell us your Minute® Ready to Serve Rice family favorites in the comments below.

    Check out the Minute® Ready to Serve Rice website for lots more delicious sweet and savory Stir-Ins, for super easy treats and snacks.

    My 12 year old, gymnast daughter is the queen of elaborate dessert creations, but she's a lunch minimalist. She likes her Minute® Ready to Serve Rice on-the-go, straight from the cup. In just 60 seconds, you have fully cooked rice with nothing to add. Why mess with perfection? She's the one who eats dinner after school and then again after her 3 hour team practices when she's famished again. I'm thrilled she loves rice and with our pantry full of many Minute® Ready to Serve Rice choices, she can easily make it herself.

    The rest of my family likes to add other favorite sweet or savory ingredients to change things up a bit. 

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    Visit the Minute® Ready to Serve Rice website for loads of great recipes and rice related information.

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice. As always, all opinions are my own.

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