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Universal Home Entertainment’s upcoming release The Nut Job centers around Surly The Squirrel, and his group of critter-friends as they try to keep their colony of animals from starving in the winter. While the story and characters in the film are unique, this is hardly the first time a squirrel has been in the spotlight. In support of the April 15th Blu-ray and DVD release of the film, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous squirrels to leave an impact on pop-culture.

Squirrels in Pop Culture
  • Rocky, Rocky & Bullwinkle – Rocket J. Squirrel was the first squirrel to reach national superstardom. From 1959-1964, he was one of the stars of the animated show, Rocky and His Friends, as well as the Bullwinkle Show. He and his friend Bullwinkle lived in the fictional town of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota - where they often embarked on various adventures.
  • Scrat, Ice Age – Scrat certainly understand the struggles of Surly and the rest of The Nut Job group. His sole goal in the Ice Age films was to store and protect his prized acorn. He was so obsessed with it, he risked his life on multiple occasions to protect it.
  • Slappy & Skippy, Animaniacs – Much like Rocky - Slappy is also a long time squirrel-veteran of the entertainment industry. She first appeared in various episodes of the Looney Tunes from 1930-1969. Later in life, the grumpy, elderly squirrel moved in with her nephew Skippy, in order to be a part of WB’s Animaniacs. Skippy is completely the opposite of Slappy, as he is overly excitable and always very chipper. 
  • Sandy Cheeks, Spongebob Squarepants – Sandy Cheeks has quickly become one of the most recognizable squirrels in the entertainment industry. After debuting in 1999, she has become a regular character on Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants. Known for her fierce attitude, and loyalty to her friends – she is one Texan you don’t want to mess with!
  • Twiggy, The Famous Water-Skiing Squirrel – No “squirrels in pop-culture” list could be complete without Twiggy The Water-Skiing Squirrel. Twiggy first rose to prominence in 1979 after making an appearance on NBC’s Real People with his trainers, Chuck and Lou Ann Best. Since that time, Twiggy has had successors who have adopted the same name and unique water-skiing ability. Twiggy has gone on to be featured on numerous other shows & films including Vince Vaughn’s Dodgeball, Will Ferrell’s Anchorman, and even ESPN’s Sportscenter’s Top 10.

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