Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Cavy Babies #BabyGuineapigs #GravityFalls #PolarVortex

Meet Cheekums, Vortex & Charlie, the newest members in the ChiIL Mama family.   The first, Cheekums, the tan & white one, is named for a character in an episode of Gravity Falls, one of our family's favorite Disney Channel shows.

We dig Gravity Falls!   It's full of secret codes, cyphers and messages.   Check out a YouTube summary here.   Only the first season has aired and we're jonsin' for more.   Get your geek on and check out Gravity Falls.   The brainy tweens in Lane Tech's gifted selective enrollment Jr high love it and debate & discuss the episodes at length. 

Back to baby guinea pig land...

Vortex, the little grey & white guinea pig, is named for the winter weather we've been caught in this season in Chicago.   Polar Vortex has become a household name and has caused the schools that NEVER close (seriously, only 1 snow day in over a decade), to shut down for FOUR days due to brutal 50 below zero wind chills.   

This little grey and white fluff of cuteness incarnate was born between two polar vortex induced off days, in the middle of an unexpected 5 day weekend.   

The last of our 3 little piggies is a black and white one named Charlie, after my childhood guinea pig who was black and white too.  I got him in 1982, back when the Men at Work tune, Be Good Johnny was huge.   I have fond memories of singing this to my cavy boy, Charlie, subbing in his name for Johnny.   Ah... childhood memories.

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