Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ACT OUT KIDS: OPENING The Three Little Pigs at Emerald City

Meet George Stiles 
and Anthony Drewe:

The dynamic musical theatre songwriting partnership behind The Three Little Pigs, George Stiles (music) and Anthony Drewe (lyrics) have been writing together since they met at Exeter University over twenty years ago.  

Together, they have written many popular musicals, revues, and songs, including the Olivier Award-winning Honk! and additional music for the Broadway hit, Mary  Poppins

In celebration of the American Premiere of Stiles & Drewe's The Three Little Pigs at Emerald City, let's get to know this dynamic duo, and get a peek at the costumes below...

"Siu" costume by Nathan Rohrer

"Mother Pig" costume by Nathan Rohrer

George Stiles 
and Anthony Drewe
On the process of writing a new musical together:

Drewe: What we like doing best is when a song grows organically, where I give him a title or maybe a verse or a chorus and then sets it to music.
Stiles: I don't doodle. I tend to get a lyric and immediately go away from the piano. [...] I tend to pace around the garden with it and find the rhythmic centre of the piece; I think that is the most important thing for me, finding what the meter is. 

On writing for a family audience:
Stiles: We love the idea of writing for family audiences.
 With Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Honk!, and Just So--they're all stories that appeal across the age range.

Drewe: What I love to see is when an audience comes along, and you have children as young as three with their slightly older bothers and sisters, with their parents, and they go to the theatre to have an experience together, but they're all going to get different things out of it.  

On The Three Little Pigs:
Drewe: When you have a  story that is so well known as the Three Little Pigs, in order to make it captivate an audience, you have to make it tell them something that they didn't know they were going to come and see. 

Stiles & Drewe's  The Three Little Pigs opens on January 25th!
Get tickets online or call 773-935-6100 to book today!

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