Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shout Out to the Rockin' Awesome US Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team

ChiIL Mama loves positive, mighty girl role models--no matter how you wear your hair!    You're all amazing and beautiful.

My 9 year old gymnast has been avidly watching the Olympic Games this year when she's not at team practice, and she's been happily recreating the team with her American Girl dolls!

This wasn't any kind of a formal shoot, just summer time, 9 year old fun.   But as a mom, I'm elated to see my daughter admiring and emulating Gabby Douglas and the other team girls.

Thanks to the real life American Girls out there, leading by example.   And showing a whole generation of young girls that hard work and practice pays off, it's beautiful to be strong and healthy, and that judging someone by something as trivial as a hair style said it, Gabby, "Silly."    Thank you.

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