Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Friendly Wizard World Comic Con 2012 #Photo Filled Recap

ChiIL Mama's Adventures at Comic Con 2012

We had a blast at Wizard World Comic Con 2012 Thursday.   This show is massive, with something for all ages.   Steampunk costume pieces abound, and collectors and autograph hounds will have a field day.   There's also a robust "Artist's Alley" where you can see illustrators in action, and numerous authors are available for book signings.


Vintage toy and comic collectors as well as gamers can gather and geek out all weekend.   

The people watching's prime!

We went last year--you can check out our 2011 photo filled recaps here and our hints about kids' day this Sunday.

Thursday, my kids were elated to find an Elope Dragon hat & Totoro backpack.   We've been searching for both for a year, after they sold out locally.   We also got some rockin' steampunk goggles, 2 blind box punk unicorn collectable characters, 2 tiny steampunk hats and a Skelanimals backpack.

There are loads of unique, hand made items.   Our fam has called all barrettes, clips and hair hoo-has "hair babies" since Sagezilla was 3 and had some wooden doll heads on bands.   So, we were amused by these actual hair babies.

Space....the final frontier.   Get in a relaxing space and ChiIL Out at Wizard World Comic Con.

Pros of going on a week day....crowds were down, so we got first pick of the merch and could move quickly or spend time getting more in depth info from the vendors.

Cons of going on a week day....crowds were down, so we didn't get as many outrageously cool costume shots as we do on Comic Con weekends. 

Must See:

Chevy is everywhere!    Stop by their booth front n center--ya can't miss it.   Fill out a short form and leave with some hot shades and a chance to win some serious cool cash!!

"Skully Business"

Pricey Favorites we wish we coulda' bought but restrained ourselves:

I dig their symbol, too.   Kinda like a sweet celtic tat version of those plastic dealies that went in the center of 45's back in the day...

We're all about the UtiliKilt.   In fact we were just on their web site Wed night, drooling over the cool styles and colors.   Then there they magically were at Wizard World.   What can I say...  I dig dudes in skirts and have a soft spot for Scots.   Price range $200-$525.

You can enter on their web site to win one free, but only if you've already got one.   Sigh.   You've gotta photograph yourself in it (complete with feet) and send the shots in with a cool back story, for your chance to win one.  

Xtra hot with punk boots--can I win one for taking a picture of HIM in it...including the feet?!   There's gotta be some loop hole...

Upscale Anime Punk Boutique Fashions from Japan

This kitten's got style.  Meee Yow!   I'd love to fill my closet with these dark, Japanese goth goodies.  

They also have a web site right here with some sweet deals that'll make you puuuurrrrrrrr.   


To the bat cave!!   Wizard World Comic Con 2012 will be gone after Sunday, so go already!   Then check back with ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL....early and often.   We'll have more Top Picks and Must See Tips for Wizard World all weekend!

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