Monday, October 11, 2010

SWEEP! IPDGC Gymnastics Off To A Great Start

Sagezilla had her first gymnastics meet of the season Sunday.   She was worried, anxious and said her stomach was chasing it's tail.   We've always told the kids it doesn't matter to us if they win or come in last.   It's more important to have fun, make friends, and build up an encouraging team.   We tried to reassure Zilla that there's no pressure to score x number of points or outdo anyone.    We said as long as she remembered her routine and got out there and did her best, we'd be proud of her, no matter what.   The kids have done park gymnastics since they were both 1 year olds, not to win at all costs, but to strengthen their bodies and brains, and increase their flexibility.

She was freaking out too much to eat, but we finally got her to settle down by encouraging big yoga breaths.    But it was a stressful morning.  In the end, all the fear was for nothing.   Sagezilla came home with 5 blue ribbons--first place in vault, bars, beam, floor and all around!   Last year, she only did one full blown gymnastics meet where she placed 8th all around and her highest place was 5th in vault.   By the end of the day, she was beaming and ecstatic.   The same kid who was a ball of nerves in the morning, ended the day saying she loves gymnastics so much she wished she had meets every day!

The next IPDGC (Illinois Park District Gymnastics Conference) meet is October 24th.   Fingers and toes crossed....

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