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ABC Wednesday: M is for...

Photo by ChiIL Mama-The Verve Pipe Live At Kidzapalooza 2010

is for Musicians we're looking forward to seeing this Saturday!   Chicago is a music town and we're going to be reveling in it this weekend!

First, we'll be checkin' out The Verve Pipe at 3:00pm at S.P.A.C.E.   Don't expect to hear The Freshmen.   They have an excellent kid-centric disc out
now, and will be featuring the great new material on A Family Album.  

These guys are the real deal--professional, high calibur, award winning musicians and some of them are even parents.  So they "get it".   Their kids' tunes appeal to the littles without being condescending or driving parents crazy.   These guys put on a great live show, too.   With tickets priced at just $10 for all ages, everyone's sure to get their money's worth.

Photo from Danbert Nobacon's site

Saturday night, we're off to Martyr's for a parents' nite out. 

Saturday October 16th @ Martyr's
MUSIC GIG - MC-ing 'The Old Devil's Ball' with Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Andre Williams and the Goldstars 

Here's the low down from Martyr's site:  
93 XRT Welcomes...

the OLD DEVIL's Ball featuring 
Jon Langford's Skull Orchard
Andre Williams and the Gold Stars
Sally Timms
PLUS: Danbert Nobacon

Full of soulful urgency and longing, of lost sailors, cruel pirates and creeping inevitabilities, the new solo album by JON LANGFORD travels o’er the seas and malls, from the pubs of Wales to the swamps of the settled life, steeped in the haunted, never-ending search for place. Old Devils sits on the tuff wharves of the world and swaps stories and worries, the lies told much better than the truths, conjuring the ghosts of mates-in-spiritual-arms from Dylan Thomas to Johnny Cash.

"Williams has twice the swagger and three times the guts of almost anyone a third of his age." —Tucson Weekly
Andre “Mr Rhythm” Williams is a direct link to a time when blues, soul, R&B and rock and roll were dirty and dangerous pursuits. He’s a chameleon, a survivor and a hustler. He’s the fox AND the hound.
For this album, Andre went back home to Detroit and cut a record of psychedelic soul-rock freakouts, growly 4am slow jams and hypnotic grooves with members of Outrageous Cherry, Dirt Bombs, Electric Six and super special guitarist Dennis Coffey of the legendary Motown house band the Funk Brothers.

Sally Timms was born in Leeds, England. She grew up in the Yorkshire dales, sang in the church choir and performed in poetry recitals as a child. In 1985 she joined the Mekons as a full-time member and has regretted it ever since. Unfortunately, the only way out of the Mekons is in a box, so she's still there. Known as one of the laziest women in show business, she frequently calls in favors from her more talented and successful friends so that she can dedicate more time to watching television and eating bananas. She has blonde hair, grey eyes, and appalling mood swings. Despite her fondness for off-color commentary on virtually every aspect of popular culture, she possesses a truly magnificent voice. She also has a soft spot for the little ones, as evidenced by her kiddie band, the Wee Hairy Beasties.

This is a show for the big kids (over 21) and the grown ups, however Jon Langford
and Sally Timms
 play a lot of all ages shows and outdoor fests, so if you like what you hear, you can catch 'em with the whole family later on.   Their kids band, Wee Hairy Beasties, is also beloved by kids of all ages, so be on the look out.   They're excellent musicians.

(We'll also see Danbert Nobacon tomorrow at his reading.   His first novel, 3 Dead Princes, is an anarchist fairy tale "for adults of all ages", released by exterminating angel press.)

Thursday October 14th @ The Book Cellar (Lincoln Square)

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  1. Music is the joy of my life - excellenht choice.

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