Sunday, January 3, 2016

Photo Recap: Led Zeppelin 2 At Bogart's In Cincinnati Is All Ages Fun

We've been shooting Chicago's own Led Zeppelin 2 (LZ2) for ChiIL Live Shows for years now. They always put on an incredible, live, old school show. Put the cell phones down, bring a lighter and catch them if you can. It's a time traveling, transcendent experience.

Photo Credit: All shots by Bonnie Kenaz-Mara for ChiIL Live Shows

These guys are no ordinary cover band. They are all accomplished musicians in their own right and they don't just cover album versions. They pull out all the stops to do a memorably enjoyable concert and downright respectable tribute to Zeppelin. 

They often take Zep set lists from the archives and recreate actual Led Zeppelin shows. Not only that, they rock the classic instruments, vintage wardrobe, hair styles and jewelry of Zeppelin's heyday for a truly immersive experience. We particularly love to catch them at Bogart's in Cincinnati. This infamous, intimate venue has been around since the mid 70's as a concert venue and before that, since 1905 as a vaudeville showcase. It has decent sound and is a great sized space for LZ2 and other touring bands.

ChiIL Live Shows' Full Slide Show 
LZ2 12/27/15 Bogart's Cincinnati
Click to view our full photo recap. Some of our favorite shots from the night are embedded below, at the bottom of this feature.

We've caught LZ2 in their home town, Chicago, many times over the years at venues ranging from street fests to their sold out annual House of Blues Shows.


We do love to catch them in Cincinnati, though. When many venues say all ages, they really mean 18+. Bogart's "All Ages" shows truly are!

Families come with 2 and even 3 generations of fans, and the crowd ranges from young kids to grey and grizzled fans who caught the actual Led Zeppelin live in concert, back in the day. It's always a fun crowd and a great night out!

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LZ2 Fan Shot Favs 12/27:

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