Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ACT OUT OPENING: Stages, Sights & Sounds 5/7-19 and FLASH Ticket Giveaway for Augusta & Noble #review #giveaway

ChiIL Mama was elated to be invited to the special VIP kick off party for the Humanities Festival's Stages, Sights & Sounds 2013 and the "final rehearsal" for Paige in Full last night at The MCA. 

Over the next two weeks we'll be checking out two more performances from the Stages, Sights & Sounds SeriesH.G. and Murder on the Midwest Express as well.  We highly recommend you take advantage of this stellar, family friendly 6 show lineup.   Loads of school groups will be expanding their brains in the coming days, with school matinee shows, and the nights and weekends are open to the public.   

The fairy tale theme is exciting and compelling, and these world class productions have come to us from Switzerland, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Maryland, and right here in sweet home Chicago.   This year's overarching Humanities Festival Theme is Animal:   What Makes Us Human, and these productions fit right in.

Shows are selling out quickly, but there's still time to purchase tickets

Pictured: Lisandra Tena as Mujer Azul and Miguel Nunez as Coyote

We were also super stoked to check out Augusta and Noble at Adventure Stage last weekend (CHF Partner Event)

through May 16.   

It's an incredible staging based on real stories from the hood, skillfully interwoven with traditional Hispanic folktales.

ChiIL out with 4 free tickets from ChiIL Mama to your choice of remaining Augusta and Noble shows!   Be the first to comment below and you're an instant winner.   Tell us "What fairy tale do you think most closely resembles your personal story?" and what time/date do you want to see the show, and the tickets are yours!!   It's painless and easy.

(WORLDS COLLIDE ALERT:   Our friend, Laura K, Co-owner of Matty K's Hardware in Lincoln Square designed the costumes!   I would seriously wear the coyote's rockin' hoodie and/or the flowing dyed robes of Blue Woman!)

We were moved by the story line, the excellent acting and by the commitment of Adventure Stage to embracing community and a sense of place.   This must see production brings forth stories of the underrepresented and gives them a voice.

Paige in Full was old school and contemporary at the same time, with an overarching Mixed Tape theme as an expression of personality and individuality.

Paige is candid and charismatic, and her voice is a great addition to the series.   In the post show Q & A she confided that she began to write her own shows because she didn't see her life, culture, clothing styles and music represented in the plays she was seeing.   We're elated her reality's finally being seen and heard... loud and clear.   Highly recommended!

From Baltimore 
Writer and performer Paige Hernandez brings us her unique coming-of-age story, a 21st-century not-so-fairy-tale about Everygirl's search for acceptance, meaning, and her one true love. For ages 12+.

Using the language of hip-hop—dance, rhymes, and beats—Hernandez retraces her life growing up in Baltimore, recounting the joys, losses, and big bad wolves (who turned out to be heartless young men). Blending humor and honesty and embodying more than a dozen characters, she reveals (and helps us remember) not only the perpetual absurdity but also the universal struggles of adolescence.

Mixing live on stage for Paige In Full is Chicago D.J. Sadie Woods.

From Switzerland  
Part exhibit, part experience, h.g. is an extraordinary  retelling of Hansel and Gretel andre-imagines what fairy  tales, and theatre, can be. For ages 10+ (*absolutely nobody under 10 admitted--walk through exhibit/performance*).

From Chicago 
Last year's Stages favorite (and Chicago's own)  Theatre Un*Speak*Able returns this May with its latest  physical comedy gem, this time a whodunit about a murder on the high-speed rail tracks between Chicago and Toronto. For ages 10+.

From Canada
Montréal's L'Illusion, Théâtre de marionettes (puppet theater) uses the original Hansel and Gretel tale  by the Brothers Grimm to reflect on poverty, fear, imagination, and change. For ages 6+.

From Mexico 
Marionetas de la Esquina's humorous storytelling and whimsical puppetry awaken this sleeping princess as never before in a contemporary take on the classic tale. For ages 5+.

From Scotland
This highly visual, gentle story tells the tale of Cloudia,  a cloud expert whose lifelong dream is to see the Cloud Man, a rare creature who lives a quiet life up in the sky. For ages 4+.


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