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International Home and Housewares Show 2013 Tuesday Recap #IHHS13 #foodie fun #originalphotos #HDvideo

The International Home and Housewares Show is a mecca for retail sales, media and inventors, but closed to the public.  So earlier this month ChiIL Mama went as your eyes and ears, and got the scoop for YOU. 

My daughter was excited to hear that her birthstone, emerald, is the color of the year for 2013.   Her namesake, Saige, is the American Girl Doll of the year, too.   So this really IS her year!   She's fond of saying "I have a green name, green birthstone, green eyes, and my favorite color is green."   This year she'll be in good company as everyone's going emerald.

Speaking of going green...   The final day of the International Home and Housewares Show we spent exploring The McCormick Place Lakeside Building which included an impressive Eco-Friendly round up, 

awesome artistic displays, 

the Hall of Innovation 

Student inventor awards

and Wired & Well.   

Speaking of wired...

McCormick Lakeside was also the hall of coffee, so as a self confessed caffiend, I was in my element.

Thanks to Bodum for the rockin' insulated mug!   You had some of the sweetest swag at the show.   These travel mugs are hot....and stay hot for a good long time.

After tasting an excellent array of espresso shots, hot & iced coffee, flavors, and individual custom cups, we hit a hot new thing that really knocked our socks off.   I love my coffee as dark and rich as possible, but I usually make a mocha at home with the kids' 2% organic chocolate milk boxes to cut the acid.   I was able to drink a cup of coffee black and love it at the icoffee booth!

The tale of icoffee by Remington: 


I was so impressed we set up a video interview/ demo with Bruce Burrows, CEO.   His enthusiasm is contagious and his icoffee maker rocked our world.   Roll over Beethhoven.   icoffee makers aren't even available yet and they're already scoring rave reviews and garnering lots of attention.   Retailers were practically begging for inventory at IHHS.   We're working on setting up a review and giveaway for our readers as soon as stock is available, and we'll have a more comprehensive feature just on icoffee in the near future.

Soda Stream, has been an eco-friendly fav of ours since we ran our first review on them back in 2009.  


They're back again with more innovations and awards.   We'll have a full blown feature & review on their latest and greatest in the very near future.  

We're also working out the details on a giveaway for our readers.   We always enjoy their sobering, visually stunning IHHS booth displays.   This year they got international with their cage of shame, with bottles and cans that had literally littered the globe!

Thermal-Aid made our ChiIL Picks List for family friendly must haves.   These adorable animals serve as hot or cold packs for injuries, fevers or even just a warm snuggle for bed time.  We came home with "blue bunny" and he's become a treasured nightly ritual.  Just 45 seconds in the microwave and these cuddly corn filled critters are ready to hug.  We'll have a full feature on Thermal-Aid's 100% natural, washable animals and their other products in the very near future, too.

Kalorik has a unique twist on your standard "food on a stick" fare with Rollie.   I tried a tasty french toast stick and was pretty impressed.   They also have eggspresso kits and more.

There was a LOT to dig at Zojirushi, besides their cute elephant logo.   They have smart rice cookers, fabulous travel tea mugs and eco-friendly containers to keep things hot or cold for hours.   They also put out an excellent spread for lunch :).

KitchenAid makes our ChiIL Picks List for embracing their wild side.   They had an impressive array of appliance colors and patterns to fit any personality!   Rrrrrwow!

We're eager to give some new vacuums a run for their money.   We haven't partnered up with any brands, but we'll publicly issue a challenge right here.   We live in "the death vac home" with 4 people with long hair, dust allergies, and two large, hairy dogs!   We've been buying pet specific, bagless, HEPA vacs in a variety of brands for years and their motors burn out and they all die young.   If you think your vac can hold up to our challenges, then you're on.   We'd be happy to review and endorse the last vac standing.

We ended our entirely productive but exhausting day in the most comfortable massage chair EVER.   I'm afraid if I owned a Panasonic Real Pro massage chair, I'd never leave the house again!   This was some seriously effective pampering.   This chair not only gives an amazing, customized back and neck massage, but does your arms, legs and even feet, too.   I think I'm in love......

As you know, I'm picky about who we partner up with.   My name and image are on my blog, so my personal credibility is at stake.   Social media is the new "back fence" and in a time where people Tivo past slick commercials that cost a bazillion dollars and are cynical about the ones they do see, people trust bloggers.   As your neighbor and friend, I'm not going to recommend something I'm not truly excited about, then have to hear about it when I run into you.   

Check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL and chiIL out with great event highlights, product reviews you can trust, and rockin' photo and video filled original content.

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