Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Apologies to our readers.   YouTube's recent upgrades are having some internal issue and flipped all of my 195 original embedded videos to my most recent channel upload!   I've spent the whole morning looking for a hidden setting or a way to contact their help department, to no avail.   Hopefully they will fix it on their end soon.

It shows a flicker of the video that is supposed to accompany a post for a few seconds then flips.  If there are any techies who know how I can fix this on my end, please please comment below.  In the mean time, I know it's a PITA, but you'll need to click on "Playlist Uploaded Videos" below the video and scan through the thumbnails for the right one.

Click this link for an example.

Thanks for your patience while I'm spitting unicorns n rainbows over here, trying to figure out what YouTube did and where they hid the fix setting.

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