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Flash Giveaway Moving Christmas Book #bookreview #giveaway

Trailer for Moving Christmas 

ChiIL Mama has a new, eco-friendly holiday fav this year in the kids' picture book, ibook & e-book genre--Moving Christmas.   This little gem is moving in every sense of the word.   It's got a great green message about global warming.  And it's got a warming message about believing in yourself, taking a chance on the newbie, and playing to your strengths against all odds.   Frank Duffy is a well...frank...and lovable dog owner with Santa's own seal of approval, and a clever enterprise, moving the impossible.  We love the humor too.   This book is laugh out loud funny for adults as well as the littles.

Moving Christmas makes our ChiILpicks Great Gifts List 2012, so to celebrate...

*We have a short sweet flash giveaway today only, for a print version of Moving Christmas (retail value $12.99 each).  ChiIL Mama's giving away a copy of the 65 page full-color print version right here.   We can't ship it to you before the 25th this year, but it's sure to become a treasured annual fav for your littles.

Click below on "a Rafflecopter giveaway" for your chance to win:

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Want it sooner?   You've gotta love living in the digital age of instant downloads.   This little puppy launched this year for iOS as a new holiday-themed interactive story book for iPad.  

*ChiIL Mama's readers can also download the iPad app (normally $3.99) for .99 cents for a limited time in the App Store.

*Find links to download the digital eBook at or search for Moving Christmas in your favorite eBookstore.

The story was developed by Hollywood talent including Brandon Camp, the son of the creator of Benji. 

Ice Melting at North Pole! Mover of the Impossible Frank Duffy
Called in For His Biggest Job – Moving Christmas!

New Interactive iPad Storybook Tells the Amazing Tale;
                            Story Developed by Top Hollywood Talent 

The North Pole has been global warming! Santa and his not-so-merry elves must now move their village - and fast if they're going to save Christmas this year! Enter Frank Duffy, Mover of the Impossible (and his immovable dog, Bricks.)

This amazing tale begins this year, with the release of Moving Christmas, A Frank Duffy Adventure -- as an interactive iPad app and 65-page illustrated print and eBook (available on iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Android and more).

Moving Christmas, from Trusted Cape, follows Santa’s hand-picked hero, Frank, as he guides Claus & Co. around the world, eluding one mishap and natural disaster after another, as they attempt to move Santa’s workshop to the South Pole where the ice caps are melting more slowly.
With beautifully drawn characters, an eco-friendly message and, in the case of the iPad app, whimsical interactivity, Moving Christmas delivers a funny and timeless story for kids (and adults) of all ages.

The creators of Moving Christmas include Trusted Cape co-founder Brandon Camp, an established writer and director in Hollywood. His father, Joe, created the Benji franchise. With Moving Christmas, Camp builds on that legacy of delivering top-notch family entertainment -- this time for the digital age.

The team also includes other top talent from the worlds of Hollywood and technology, including Max Miceli, an award-winning illustrator who has created outlandish characters for Disney, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, McDonalds and Spike TV; Rich D’Ovidio, a veteran screenwriter who has worked with high-profile directors, such as Tony Scott and Joel Schumacher; and Chaotic Moon, recently named one of the top mobile innovators by GigaOM.

Moving Christmas is the first adventure for Frank, who will return in a series of upcoming interactive storybooks featuring more impossible moves. Camp and Trusted Cape co-founder, Jonathan Osborne, a serial entertainment and technology entrepreneur, also plan to bring Duffy to the big screen when the time is right.

“Moving Christmas delivers a fun and heartwarming story that is sure to delights kids of all ages,” Camp said. “We have many more Frank Duffy tales to tell and we can’t wait to share them with the world.”

About Trusted Cape: Founded by Brandon Camp and Jonathan Osborne, and co-headquartered in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, Trusted Cape is a disruptive digital entertainment development, publishing and production company specializing in highly commercial content for small and big screens.

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