Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steampunk Invasion This Weekend At Bristol Renaissance Faire

Polish your goggles and grab your gears.   It's time for the annual Steampunk weekend at Ren Faire July 21 & 22!   Check out ChiIL Mama's coverage from last year's Steampunk Invasion right here.

Steampunk Weekend 2011-Photo Filled Recap

Steampunk Invasion - July 21 and 22, 2012. Where do steam, gears and inventions ahead of their time fit in to the Renaissance? Just ask any apprentice of Leonardo DaVinci and you’ll see how the consummate Renaissance man paved the way for this outside-the-box invasion.
          Green Fairy  
Absinthe Cocktail Bar (July 21 & 22)
Explore the delicious art of sublimation with six exclusive Absinthe cocktails this weekend only. The bar will be moving to shadier grounds this year. Stay tuned for the final location!
Steampunk Promenade Contest - Saturday July 21, 2012 - Globe Stage - 5:30pm
All the aetherometers point to a glorious stroll this Saturday. Polish your combobulator pistol and tighten your high-altitude airship goggles. Whether you're the legionnaire, the engineer or the clockwork servant, we're looking for the best man, woman and couple to win prizes in gold coin.  Cheerio!
The "Fantasy Facial Hair" Contest - Sunday July 22, 2012 - Globe Stage - 5:30pm
You are not too lazy to shave. You are preparing for Bristol's manliest competition to date. Bristol invites men (and ladies!) everywhere to join us for our fantasy facial hair competition to win prizes, the adoration of the women and the envy of the men.
How to Enter:
It is FREE to enter the competition. Come to the Globe Stage at 5:30pm. Entrants will be invited on stage by category. Each entrant will have a brief moment to take center stage and showcase their "hair". A winner will be chosen from each category by our panel of judges. All 6 champions will receive a prize worthy of their dedication to the contest.
Rules: You may only enter one category.
Best Fake (This is the only category where synthetic hair is accepted. All other categories are for naturally grown facial hair.)
Best Shaped / Waxed
Vividly Colored
Ultimate Adorned
Full Beard Freestyle (aka Beard Topiaries)
International Historical (see graphic below for qualifying styles)

Historical Styles

Check out Steampunk Chicago right here, for more steampunk events, fashion, music, books, film and fun!!   Here at ChiIL Mama/ ChiIL Live Shows we've thoroughly enjoyed shooting a ton of photos and videos at steampunk shows like steampunk burlesque extravaganza, Carnivale Delirium at Reggie's Rock Club here.   

Check out these photos from Steampunk Thursdays that ran briefly at Elate and have now turned into a jazz night.

We've still got lots more to come.   Check back here like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often, for more steampunkery fun. 

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